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Posted in daughters spanking parents on 2013-09-04 01:07:39

What the $%!@? This has to be a joke. This is $%!@ed up.

Posted in New acceptance coming? on 2013-04-24 01:38:15

I agree, i dont see how or why your linking legalizing gay marraige with pedophiles. I think Gay Marraige should be legal in all 50 states. Will 2 men getting married in Maine ever effect your every day life? Will it somehow cause an earthquake destroying America after they say their vows? No, there really isnt any reason why gay marraige is still illegal in about 40 2013..

Posted in Abortion on 2013-04-03 00:38:04

you know what i ment. 1,100,000 a year is way to many regardless.

Because it is naturally for people to be attracted to the same-sex. Every man/woman is attracted to someone of the same sex at least once in their lives, most deny it or hide it due to fear of being labelled a "faggot" or a "homosexual". And that fear is where homophobs come from. Same-sex attractions are normal, but religion made it illegal and frowned upon in nearly every society (except many native cultures)

Posted in Abortion on 2013-02-17 02:22:36

Agreed! Im Pro-Life, and i didnt really realize how popular/prevalent abortions are in the United States.. (1/5 babies are aborted every year here.)