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Posted in The Paranormal. on 2012-03-08 23:09:23

Reasonable statement, however, in my personal opinion, even though I do not feel that I have enough evidence to conclude that the paranormal exists, I still wish to make it clear to others that I remain open-minded to the possibility of the paranormal. I do not wish to make the impression that I do not.

Posted in The Paranormal. on 2012-03-06 05:11:03

I do not believe that I have enough evidence to conclude that the paranormal exists, based on what the scientific community states, combined with what the religious community states. The religious community generally in fact seems to agree that much of "paranormal" phenomena has a logical explanation, but, under the circumstance that it is in fact paranormal activity, it would be the work of evil agents, and not something that people should view as something great. The scientific community also generally believes that these beliefs (superstitions) could in fact be harmful (agreeing with the religious community). For example, a mother had actually acted on a doomsday prediction made by Harold Camping (which was refuted by both the scientific and religious communities before it failed to come about), and attempted to kill her children and herself. She was arrested.

As the scientists and scientific skeptical communities say, even if we do not agree with a belief, we should always keep an open mind. They will always teach that there were times throughout history where important discoveries were made when the most widely accepted truth was challenged. But, again, be careful not to take questionable claims too seriously. And, to make a point, I believe that Stevie Wonder wrote the song, Superstition to explain that superstition is not the way to go, and I strongly agree with it.


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Reasonable arguments. The objective of this poll is to build a theoretical picture of how the population would respond. Yes, it would be a significant event if we made contact with extraterrestrials. Since it is an extreme matter, extreme emotional responses can be expected in many people (although some say that they do not care). There will be both euphoric and panicked people.

You asked why they (extraterrestrials) haven't overtly come forward after all of this time. The objective of this poll was to build, again, is based on theoretical information, based on the suppositions that are usually made, including that we are being visited on a regular basis, and that governments are working very hard to suppress the evidence, which is only a matter of time before the "plumbing" blows, and the evidence leaks.

I am intending to test the "fear theory", as I call it, which is the belief that governments wish to avoid mass panic, however, it seems as if at least a very large percentage of the population will have the exact opposite emotional response. I also left an option at the bottom, which, I believe, takes into account your arguments, and allows people to express that they will decide based on evidence that arises then (such as if we find out whether they are hostile or benevolent). There are also allegations that governments wish to maintain an advantage, and do not wish for advanced technologies to fall into the hands of the public.

This poll uses information which is based on what is usually supposed by proponents of the claims that UFOs are alien spacecraft, and that was the information I am assuming. Please let me know if I had understood your point correctly, and if you believe that it is strongly recommended to make changes to the poll.

Thank you, by the way for your feedback.

Posted in The Paranormal. on 2012-03-05 02:10:28

There should be an additional option, to add the ability for people, such as myself, to state that we are skeptical and do not believe that we have enough evidence to conclude that it exists at this time, but still remain open-minded to the possibility of the paranormal.