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Posted in Genital Spanking on 2024-06-09 15:27:54

OfficerQ's proposal - my only criticisms are:

(a) hand spanking - surely all spankings should be bare-bottomed, in a bending-over position, permitting access to the dooey-chute (for shock unannounced enemas, or sodomizations);

(b) defaecation (and urination) in view of the guards - this should be not a punishment but a matter of everyday life, mainly in order that constipation or wilful dooey-withholding can be diagnosed, and treated (as per [a] above)

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2024-05-24 09:08:24

It's strange that words like unwind and relax are being used on this thread to describe a scene of confrontation, of domestic war - that's what punishment is.

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2024-05-24 08:18:03

Like Tie n Teaser I've found it harder over the years to downplay/conceal the fact that I've grown to enjoy inflicting the punishments.

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2024-05-24 08:04:15

Question: Floyd83, how often do your boys suffer $%!@ bleeding/haemorrhoids? Because that's a physically very risky regime (forgetting the other effects).

Comment: I suspect Floyd is making some things up (the stuff with cashiers, tattoos etc) but I also suspect he's "elaborating upon" real events because I come from a family like that. "Butt" for us all $%!@-penetrative/$%!@-rape punishments are $%!@-ociated with "doing" someone, i.e: evacuating the bowels (making them do the dooey) - enemas and $%!@ rape are conflated even if you're not yet using phallic nozzles/squirting strap-ons.

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2024-01-26 10:23:42

Genital spanking - not a big thing in my branch of the family. Infantilisation/"nappy punishment" (British term) - not used at all. Spanking (with paddle or brush) followed by a purgative $%!@ punishment (suppository, enema or similar) - that's our way.