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Posted in Do you litter garbage? on 2013-03-31 08:00:17

Do you also litter every where in the cities. I also like littering is water ways and at the beaches. I don't care if it "kills the earth" (even though it doesn't) theirs no way that I'm going to hold my rubbish and put it in the bin. If anyone want you can email me at rsrqwerty@gmail.com

Posted in Do you litter garbage? on 2013-03-31 04:17:09

I love littering every where aswell. I wish that they just legalised littering. It makes everyone lives easier. Everone should litter and be free doing it. I espesiall love spitting gum down and watching people walk through it. I also tossing my $%!@ all over a nice clean area making it look better with trash. Does any one else like making a clean area look better with trash

Posted in What's Wrong With Littering on 2012-10-03 02:32:34

hay i would do the same thing. why would u bother fuking digging up the ground just to dump the trash in their. its just easier to drop it on the ground its that easy

Posted in Do You Litter? on 2012-07-24 08:24:01

I also litter and so does my bro it is just the best and easier to do then to find a bin

Posted in opinions on littering on 2012-06-29 13:20:58

Started around 6 how bout u