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Posted in Female Massage Therapists and Male Clients on 2004-01-25 15:05:50

Not exactly the same topic but check out this message board on CFNM swimming.


The message board has six pages of (mostly) fascinating posts.

John P.

Posted in Co-ed Skinny Dipping on 2004-01-25 14:50:29

Check out this message board on CFNM swimming:


So far there are about six pages of fascinating postings.

John P.

Posted in Co-ed Skinny Dipping on 2003-04-14 23:57:33


Thank you for your positive comments about the skinny dipping poll. I do agree with you that the results on this poll (and other polls on Mister Poll) are sometimes not reflective of the general population. People who are particularly interested in something are more likely to respond to a particular poll.

The Roper Poll says that one quarter of the general population has co-ed skinny dipped. This poll, however, says that 2/3 of the respondents have co-ed skinny dipped. I personally believe (no proof) that the Roper Poll is closer to scientific accuracy.

Despite the problems created by the unscientific polling sample I do enjoy (as I am certain many others do) creating polls, participating in polls written by others, and viewing poll results.

On the first year anniversary of this poll I would like to thank the 800 plus people (so far) who have shared their skinny dip experiences (or in some cases non-experiences).


Posted in Co-ed Skinny Dipping on 2002-06-15 21:38:37

========== In Reply To ========== We swam nude in school and the YMCA. Did anybody else swim nude in school or the YMCA?

Yes. When I was a freshman in college (the school was all men at the time) we swam nude in our Physical Education classes. This lasted for several weeks. BTW, this was when Lyndon Johnson was President.

I discovered a certain freedom of movement in the water when one is not constricted by clothing. Since I finished the unit on swimming (at the age of 18) I have never skinny dipped either alone, in an all male group, or in a co-ed group. :-(

On a personal note, I am the person who created the poll. I would like to thank the 261 respondents (168 co-ed skinny dippers and 93 non co-ed skinny dippers) for sharing their opinions/experiences.

Several things that surprised me from the poll results (but perhaps experienced co-ed skinny dippers already know this). 1. There are very few one time only co-ed skinny dippers. 2. If a person has not co-ed skinny dipped by the age of 22, chances are they will never do it. 3. There are almost as many day time co-ed skinny dippers as there are night timers. 4. Very few husbands-wives have skinny dipped together. 5. Five (so far) were apparently caught. I am certain they have interesting stories to tell, but so far they have not shared their experiences.

I would like to invite Mister Poll participants to visit two other polls I created. One is www.misterpoll.com/567761323.html and the other is www.misterpoll.com/poll.mpl?id=82027514. The second poll is for women only. If unable to find, go to search and type in Breasts.

Thank you again to everyone who participated.