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Posted in Mixed wrestling complete poll on 2015-06-22 22:05:41

With the finals over, I still had some unfinished business with that girl. I challenged her for a rematch, but this time I prepared well for the fight because I didn't want another embarassement like last time. She on other hand was of course very confident and thought she would wipe the floor with me again. We started wrestling and I made sure she wouldn't surprise me this time. I quickly got her head down and forced her to the floor. There, it didn't took me too muh effort to get her under me and pin her. I pinned her for like 20 seconds until she got her legs under me and pushed me off her. Then, she took control over the match. We pushed and grappled for a half minute, until she swiped my legs away and made me trip. She quickly got behind and pulled my arms to her, while pushing her knee to my back. She luckily didn't held me too long in this painful position, but she did turned me on my back and sat on my chest. She pinned my wrists. Then, she slapped me twice across the face but this gave me the opportunity to use my free arm to pull her hair and throw her off me. Both on our knees, we now grappled for control. She got her arm around my neck and I got mine around her waist. After a long struggle, she forced me on my back, but I immediately turned it around and now I sat on her back while she was on her stomach. I pinned her wrists to keep her under control. When I had, I sliced my hands under her chin and put her in a camel clutch. She submitted to this move and I had won. I stood up and put my foot on her chest to complete the revenge. But the fight still wasn't over. Suddenly, I got grabbed from behind by her friend (who was again watching the fight and had sneaked upon me without me noticing it) and suplexed me onto the floor. Now I ws wrestling 2 vs , and I stoon no chanche against the two girls. So altough I had won in the first place, I still got left behind, badly beaten...

Posted in Mixed wrestling on 2015-06-19 21:55:36

I like wrestling with my twin sister and my 2 female cousins, but I'm not really good at it. I mainly lose, I'm not exaggerating if I say that 80-90% of the times, I get beat.

Posted in Mixed wrestling complete poll on 2015-06-04 22:09:07

I suffered a really embarassing defeat a few days ago. The background to this wrestling match was that I kissed this girl on a party and then dumed her. She was really mad at me and challenged me for a wrestling fight so she could beat me up. I was much taller and heavier then her so I didn't thought she could do much to me and I accepted, but it turned out I was very wrong. She had superior wrestling skills and absolutely wiped the floor with me. We wrestled at a local wrestling ring. She wore a sexy outfit and shook her body before the fight, saying 'This is what you're missing!'. I tried to remain focused on the wrestling and lunged forward to grapple her This is what she probably waited for me to do, because she immediately kneed me in my stomach and threw me over her leg to the floor. She sat on my chest and tried to pin my wrists. I wrestled her off but she quickly rolled me over again. She lied on top of me but I fought her off before she could pin me. But I hadn't got up again completely when she twisted my arm on my back and forced me down on my back again. This time I was in much more trouble, because she stretched my arm and held it down with her hand, she used her other hand to fold my face down and my other arm was between her legs. I tried to swing my legs over her to get her off, but she had me immobilized and I couldn't escape. 'Is that all you got?' she said mockingly and her friend, who was watching stood over me also mocking me. I couldn't so anything as she turned around and wrapped her legs around my neck and pressed my face close to her butt. Her friend started kissing me and then spitted in my face, while she started playing with my genitals to turn me on until I eventually ejaculated. I tapped out and wanted to leave as quick as possible, but she made me do it three times. 'C'mon get up, so I can beat your $%!@ one more time!' she said and against my will and went back at her again. I picked her up in a bearhug and altough it was the first I could do to her in the whole fight, it turned out to be a bad move either. She wrapped her legs around me and her arms around my neck and pressed my face in her chest. When I had to put her down, her arm was still around my neck so she could force me in a headlock in no time and force me to the floor and pin. My face was now pressed in her armpit so I could barely breath. I submitted again but she held me pinned until I almost begged for her to let me go. She and her friend mocked and laughed at me for a few minutes before she sended a last kick in my ribs before she left the scene. It took me a long while to recover frm this embarassement because I got beaten in a way that normally only my sister can do to me.

Posted in Mixed wrestling complete poll on 2015-03-27 22:37:37

As I expected, the girl from my last post challenged me to a rematch, because she was sure she could beat me. This time, we met in a park. We grappled and tried to push the other down. I got forced to my knees first, but I quickly restored balance and got her down. We rolled around but neither really couldn't get on top. After a long struggle, I was able to snatch her amr and I moved her in an armbar. She submitted and I won (quite comfortably this time). She wanted another chanche so we had a second fight. I made the first move and grabbed her in a frontal headlock. I forced her down to her knees but she suprised my grabbing my leg and tripping me down. She had the advantage and got on top of me. She tried to pin my arms but I could wrestle her off. I even got her in a sleeper hold, but she was able to break it off quickly by elbowing me in my stomach and pushing me away. She got up quicker then me and this gave her the chanche to get me in a headlock. I couldn't break free and she threw me over her leg and pinned me down. I submitted to her headlock pin. We both won one and decided to keep it on a draw.

Posted in Mixed wrestling complete poll on 2015-03-08 23:55:55

Finally got the victory I was looking for. I wrestled with a 15 year old girl in a wrestling ring. Altough she was 4 years younger and smaller then me, I still had to work really hard to win. When we started wrestling, she got me in a quick headlock, but I responded well by picking her up and smacking her down. I wrestled on top to try to get her in a pin, but she managed to fight me off and we got up again. She went for the headlokc again and got me in a frontal headlock this time. I couldn't get free and she got me down to my knees, where I broke free. We rolled around on the floor and she eventualy came out on top. After a struggle, she turned around and trapped me in a reverse headscissors, pressing my face close against her bottom. She also tried to pin my wrists with her hands to have me pinned, but she couldn't and therefore I was able to push hard enough against her butt to get out of the hold. But I was quickly in trouble again as she was immediately on me again and got me in a sleeper hold. I struggled but the hold was tight. She lied on her back with me on top but still in the hold, and was in full control. It took me a lot of effort but just at the moment I was about to submit, I got free and got up again. I had to stop for a breath and she could push me in the corner of the ring. She rushed for an attack, and I smartly stepped aside just in time and got behind her. I grapped her and was after a struggle able to get a good grip. I put her in a full nelson and forced her down. When she was on her chest, I sat on her back and put her in a camel clutch. She submitted and I had won. I surely didn't act $%!@y to her afterwards, but congratulated her because she put up an unexpected good fight.