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Posted in Mixed wrestling complete poll on 2015-02-24 00:59:17

I'm really struggling to get wins last months. It's becoming very frustrating and humiliating. So i'm just going to try and find girls to wrestle me. I'm looking to girls I've never wrestled before (so no girls I know that can beat me), and probably younger, smaller girls if necessary, because I really must win another wrestling match against a girl...

Posted in Tag-team wrestling on 2015-01-30 00:49:11

The only time I did such a wrestling match, it was also a bad defeat for me. It was only just with friends. The girls had black hair and brounette. I had a crush back then at the brunette, so I wanted to team up with her, but because I had wrestled once 1 vs 1 with the other girl, I had to face her which felt a bit awkward. I started off against the guy. We were about the same size so this was evenly matched. We pushed and grappled, but neither could really get the advantage. Then he got me in a headlock, but I got out and pinned his arm on his back. When he escaped, we decided to let the girls wrestle. My partner got dominated from the start. When she got her in a camel clutch, my partner wanted to give her submission, but she let her go and challenged me to wrestle. I knew this was going to be tough, because altough I had won against the black haired girl, she was winning then for most of the fight and I got a bit lucky. So seeing her getting destroyed, didn't built up much confidence, and it was justly. As soon as we locked together, she suprised me and got behind me and got me in a full nelson. She held me for a few seconds, before getting me in a sleeper hold and forcing me to the ground. Her arm was still around my neck as I was pinned on my back, comfortably in control, she was mocking me because I was squirming like a worm under her to get free. I eventually managed to escape by pulling her pony tail (which is low, but it was the only way). It was time to get out and let my partner wrestle against the guy. At first, she was winning against him and when she had his head trapped between her legs, she looked in control. But the guy wrestled free and the fight turned. Eventually, he defeated her with an arm bar. Now I had to face the girl again, because she wanted to finish me off. In the mean time, the guy kept my partner pinned. "C'mon, try at least to fight back this time", she said taunting, knowing it would be easy for her again. As I lunged an attack, she picked me up in a bearhug. When she put me down again, I tried her suprise her when I got my leg between hers and tried to push her over, but she had seen my attempt and instead it was me got thrown to the floor. When she got on me, I couldn't do anything and was pinned in seconds; she was just too strong. She sat on my chest and trash talked me, sometimes slapping me in the face. She finsihed it off with a matchbook pin and I didn't even tried to fight back anymore and just submitted. I got her foot on my chest as she triumphed over me. It was really a bad defeat for us, especially me.

Posted in Mixed wrestling complete poll on 2014-11-09 00:33:14

And I was defeated again today...I wrestled with one of my close friends. We had wrestled 3 times before and the so far I had won twice. But we did something special today: 'stripwrestling'. This means each tme you get pinned or have to submot, you have to take something off. The one who has to submit naked, loses. You start with a pull, a shirt, your pants, underwear and no shoes/socks. She won the first round, so I had to take my pull off. Then I won twice, so she was topless now. Then I lost two times and was in my underwear. I won the next one and got her in her underwear as well. Then I lost again, so I was naked now and in danger zone. If I lost one more time, she had won (and off course I wanted to get naked ;) ). But I was never gonna win the last one. She got a good grip on me and forced me down. She rolled me on my back and therefrom I was finished. She sat on my chest and pinned my wrists. I submitted but it wasn't enough for her. She got me in a reverse scissors and pressed my nose very thight to her bum. She gently stroked my $%!@ so I would grow hard, to make the defeat more humiliating. She letted me go luckily but not before she had farted in my face...

Posted in Mixed wrestling complete poll on 2014-11-03 23:41:01

After my defeat, I've fallen into my old form again. I've lost my last 6 mixed wrestling matches in a row. It's hurrendous...

Posted in Mixed wrestling complete poll on 2014-10-05 22:21:08

It took a while but yesterday it indeed happened. The location was the woods again. Before this fight, I wrestled 7 times to practice, won 6 and lost one to my sister. If I couldn't beat her now, I will never be able to. We agreed this time to nogt go for a fist fight, but just wrestling like it used to be. So we stripped to our underwear and started grappling. I took a good start, catching her in a headlock, threwing her tot the floor and pinned her. She struggled herself free, but I was quickly on her again and now she lied on her stomach and I sat on her back. I picked her up a bit in a full nelson. She moaned in pain and I felt that this was the chance to win. But I weakened my grip a little and she got free and pulled me to my knees agan. We wrestled on our knees and she got on top of me. She tried to pin my wrists but I held her hands first and turned her around, but she pushed me away with her feet. "You seem to have improved over last time" she said when we got up again. We grappled again but I got trapped in a frontal headlock. In respons I picked her up in a bearhug. She wrapped my legs around my waist when I layed her on the floor and had me in a body scissors now. I unlocked the hold and the wrestling continued. I was standing and she was on her knees so it wasn't too difficult to force on her back. I was on top of her but she pushed her hand in my face so hard I fell. Now I was on my back and she on top. She tried to strangle me and for 5 seconds, I couldn't get air. Then I pushed her off me and got her in an armbar. I tried to make her submit and win the fight, but she wouldn't give up and got her free again. We both got up again. "Forget wrestling, you're going down" she said and from there, it was a fistfight'till knock out again. I threw the first punch, but she dodged and punched me in my stomach. She tried to strike me in my face, but I quickly reacted and grabbed her arm and pinned it on her back, and wrapped my other arm around her neck. I forgot about her other arm and with that, she elbowed me in my face and then knocked me to the floor with a right hook. She sat on my stomach and punched me in my nose again. Her hands were around my throat as she went for the choke again. This time, she used all her strength and anger and it was very hard to get free. But just in time, I got her hands away and headbutted to get her off me. We both needed a bit of time to fully recover and get up again. I blocked her punch, gave her one of my own and kneed her in her stomach. A punch and an elbow to her neck got her to her knees. I picked her up and suplexed her, then I putted my foot on her throat, so she was choking now. I had her where I wanted her. I lifted my foot to give her the final blow (a stomp on her face to knock her out cold), but she still had some strength to roll away, get up back quickly and grapple me against the nearest tree. But she was weakened so I could reverse it and pin her against the tree. I held her throat with one hand and slapped her hard with the other, she spitted out blood. "You're going to lose this one bitch" I said her before slapping her again. When I wanted to finish her off for the second time, she grabbed my groin and squeezed. I yelled in pain and as she grabbed my face and said "No, you're the one who is going to lose again". She let go and kneed my in my groin, which made me had to bend over. This was the opportunity she wanted. When I felt her arm slipping around my neck, I know I was $%!@ed. She forced me to the floor and had me in a perfect sleeper hold. I passed out and was defeated by her again. When I woke up, she stood laughing over me. She taunted me for losing yet again. I couldn't believe I lost again...