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Posted in Fantasy Hero Personality Quiz on 2014-08-27 13:39:39

For "hitboy", you are a perfect tie between Kara and Maura. (Check the other thread if you have no idea what I'm talking about.)

"Zaq" is most like Maura.

Posted in Fantasy Hero Personality Quiz on 2014-08-24 16:50:06

This is specifically for the descriptions of the possible 5 heroes you could've been. the results will be in a different topic thread.

Lance - Lance is 23 years old, and by looking at him, you'd expect a millionaire. He lives about an hour's walk from the town he grew up in. His home is a gigantic underwater dome with some rooms branching off with the structure almost completely made from strong, solid glass. There's a tunnel which allows him to access a small hut that he made on the shore. You could guess his favorite colors just by looking at what he usually wears: A blue jacket with gold around the buttons and the ends of the sleeves over a black undershirt, with a black belt and deep blue pants and black shoes. His medium-length hair is usually stained the same shade of blue as his clothes and lays flat on his head. Lance spends a lot of time trading with the locals of the large nearby town, and rarely grows anything himself. The mildly cold plains next to the coast house plenty of interesting places to explore. His favored weapon is a magic dagger than can track loot on an enemy.

Scarlet - Scarlet's 21, and is quite the thief when she wants to be. She often dresses in clothes suited for the desert environment that she lives in, coming outside in cloth wrappings all over her body, with her face covered except for her place blue eyes in the event of a storm. Her brownish-blonde hair is always tied in a short braid. Her large, almost underground home is made of a sandy stone and is quite a walk from the nearest town. Because of this, Scarlet keeps a tan-colored horse and treats it well for her rare but long trips to the large town. Scarlet likes playing the rogue, and her favored weapon is an enchanted bow that flings fire arrows instead of regular ones. The desert oasis she lives near is home to an ancient burial ground that houses many artifacts for collecting. Scarlet tends to snatch things from traveling merchants and only grows things for her horse, preferring to go on mass shopping sprees in town ever month or so.

Grey - Grey is the oldest party member, at 26. He made his home near the base of a mountain inside a small valley, which are all part of one huge tundra. It takes him a while to make it to town and back, so he rarely visits. Grey prefers to hunt for his food in a nearby taiga, and has a wolf companion who helps him in battle. Grey always wears dark gray and black clothing on top of chainmail or better armor whenever he goes out. He has white hair that's usually hidden under a hood, cap, or helmet. Grey snatches adventure whenever the opportunity presents itself, and he gets most of his loot from dungeons or ruins. Grey wields a powerful greatsword with a turquoise color to it; this sword is enchanted to give the holder greater strength in battle. His home is basically a stone brick mansion built into the side of the mountain, and he spends a lot of time alone (With the exception of his wolf).

Kara - The youngest member of the party, Kara's 19 and lives in a home built on the treetops of a jungle, using vines to slip down to the forest floor. Kara's home is an interesting one: several separate wooden structures on separate treetops, each one a different room, and all of them linked by rope bridges. There's a small farm where Kara grows her own food on a riverbed near the home, since the nearest town is weeks away. While going around her local area, she generally wears a simple green shirt with short sleeves, a plain belt with long, brown pants, (Sometimes cut off at the knees) and goes without footwear. She has brown hair that's a bit longer than shoulder-length, brown eyes and slightly tannish skin. Kara keeps a large cat in her home, which generally scares off any intruders who make it to the treetops. She never likes to fight, but in the event of emergency, her favored weapon is a crossbow that creates its own projectiles.

Maura - Maura is only 24 years old, which is young if you consider that she's already mastered potionmaking and certain kinds of magic. At first, she seems to be just a poor girl who lives in a hut near a small town inside a marsh, when in reality, she's got a whole underground area filled with rare items. She seems poor mostly because of her simple clothing: A brown shirt on top of simple leather, a black leather belt, brown pants, and sandals. Maura uses her magic and potions in battle rather than armor and weapons, and the technique works well most of the time. Since she doesn't grow much food on her own, Maura tends to borrow it from the locals of a nearby town, adding to the "poor" impression. She's interesting in anything that can work with magic, and her pet spider keeps up enough venom for potions.

Posted in Boys forced to go barefoot during the summer on 2014-03-17 22:21:08


That is a one-sided comment. If anything, I know MORE girls who go barefoot than boys.

Another thing is that keeping your feet "Soft and pretty" doesn't really matter if you wear actual protective shoes a lot. It's not like anyone's going to see your feet unless you wear sandals in public, which expose your feet almost just as much as going barefoot anyway.

Overall, it depends on the person. I believe that it's possible for one sex to go barefoot more than the other, but that's just because there happen to be more people of that sex who like going barefoot.

Yeah, I really don't get why the Poll Maker didn't include going around barefoot as an option. Did he really think that everyone would prefer socks?

Oh well. If a school let me take my shoes off, I'd go barefoot. Even if it was restricted to socks.

Posted in Should I...? on 2014-01-13 22:39:54

I just did it this Sunday at the church. What happened was actually quite interesting.

Just to give an idea of the situation, both my parents had to go to some meeting at church, and my brothers and I had go as a result. Eventually, my friend came with her parents, too. And one of the other church members dropped off her toddler so that he wouldn't distract anyone.

Because we were in a room far away from the meeting room, we put in a movie for the younger kids. By then, my friend had already slipped her shoes off and was walking around barefoot. I said I had to show my friend something and told my brother he was in charge until we got back.

So I brought my friend to a different room that was away from everyone else, and we closed the door once we were in. I told her to go to a nearby room (That was linked with the current one by another door) and to count 20 seconds. (It was hilarious how nervous she sounded. I wish I could have recorded it.) During those 20 seconds, I took off my shoes & socks and waited.

When she said "It's been 20 seconds" I told her to come in. When she came in, she waited for a few moments, looked at me and said: "So... what?" I found it kinda funny that she didn't notice within 15 seconds. I told her to look down and it was then she finally noticed my bare feet. (She was practically cheering under her breath after that. )

...And that's the story. Well, most of it. I'd be planning going out barefoot with her more often, but it's a bit too cold for that. I'll wait for it to warm up.