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Posted in Bathrooms on 2015-07-25 23:13:47

Exactly! I don't give a $%!@! My knickers are $%!@ed, I don't look after them. I don't use tampons on my period, I $%!@ them, $%!@ in them and wash them without any care. But I like it like that, can always buy new ones!!!

Posted in Do you pee in the shower? on 2015-07-25 23:08:36

Doubt it! I always $%!@ in the pool and the shower. You'd have to be $%!@ing mad to $%!@ in a toilet then get in the shower - total waste of time. They use the same drain! Ok you'll be stood in your own $%!@ for a split second but given the bacteria you come into contact with every day, I'm not going to worry about a bit of my own $%!@!

Posted in Are you a Litterbug on 2015-07-25 23:07:18

I always smoke with the window shut. I've had to empty the ash tray in the car onto the floor in the car before because it got full too quickly. Shook the mats off in a car park later along with the ash tray and left a nice big pile of cigarette ends!

Posted in girls peeing standing up on 2015-07-04 00:01:01

Yeah I $%!@ in leather trousers. I tend to wear skirts more, girlier, easier access for hands etc. But when I do wear leather trousers I $%!@ in them most times. Dry almost instantly, and as long as you've got open shoes on there isn't really any mess. The only give away is the stream that's suddenly started by your feet! That's easily solved if discretion is important by either standing on grass when you're $%!@ing, or even better on carpet! With a skirt it's a bit messier as the $%!@ isn't directed down, but I'd be $%!@ed if it stopped me! Admittedly knickers stay damp for a bit longer but if you go commando (I don't usually) that solves that problem!

Posted in What's Wrong With Littering on 2015-06-27 23:14:52

I know, it's like nobody litters anymore :(