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Posted in Pledge of Allegiance on 2003-01-28 16:56:53

ABSOLUTLY NO WAY would I EVER allow any kid of mine to take the pledge of alliegience at our local school! I think to insist on this would be a severe violation of his human rights!

Mind you, the fact that we live in Britain may have something to do with it..........

C'mon guys, not everyone on these boards is in the USA (or would want to be for that matter!)

Posted in Boys sharing bed or bath with other boys on 2002-12-19 20:32:36

EEEEHHH! Good point! Sorry :-( ========== In Reply To ========== I just wanted to see what the questions were because I wouldn't be able to answer any of them anyway. I saw the question where you ask "male or female" and I thought oh maybe there is somthing I could answer. I read the whole poll thinking there was a question I could answer but THERE AREN'T ANY! Dont put a question asking if you're male or female if all the questions are for males!

Posted in GUYS SHARING A BED on 2002-11-23 23:34:15


Posted in Boys sharing bed or bath with other boys on 2002-11-23 23:27:46

Lets hear your comments or memories! or mail me directly if you would prefar

Posted in Year six england junior or primary school p.e. kit on 2002-11-19 16:15:20

I went to a boarding school called Wennington Hall in Yorkshire in the 1960's (it's a private housing developement now) I was there until I was 12 and in the junior school we where allowed to have a swim before breakfast and a swimming lesson twice or three times a week. It was an out door pool which was quite cold. The swimming lessons where always mixed with about 12 boys and about 14 girls of all ages from 7 to 12, and all of us, boys and girls, all swam togather and always completely stark-naked. It was not a rule, it was just a tradition and you got teased a lot if you wanted to wear a costume. PE was usually in the hall but in warm summer it was usually on the lawn, boys usually wore shorts and girls wore vest and knickers, none of use wore shoes. Sometimes in warm weather our teacher let us take our kit off and do PE with nothing-on which was really great! I don't think I was ever embarrassed at being naked in front of my teacher and the rest of the class (even the girls) because we where all naked togather. You can find the Wennington Hall old boys web page, which will bear out what we wore, (or didn't wear!)

========== In Reply To ========== i am surprised some year 6 boys have to do pe in their underpants as some have voted dont be afraid to tell us in the talk about it sessions or email but please be honest or poll gets silly who does pe in shorts but no top tell us about that all boys in our class have to wear shorts and tshirt for pe but we can choose our swim wear