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Posted in Do You Litter? on 2014-10-07 06:23:32

I let anything smaller then a cup fall on the ground/ my floor, including cig butts too. Gotta stomp them out or risk starting a fire

Posted in Would you hire a babysitter who smokes? on 2013-05-19 18:05:46

I agree! Lol I need it for the stress of dealing with kids too.

Posted in Males Crying (new and comprehensive) on 2013-05-10 22:30:26

my brother is 4 and he cries all the time, sometimes cause i make him. misskira12@yahoo.com

Posted in Hand over mouths on 2013-05-10 22:12:45

I often cover my siblings mouths and nose with my hand to shut them up or long enough to calm them down. misskira12@yahoo.com

Posted in Afraid of the toilet on 2013-05-10 21:40:42

lol i do that to my brother. misskira12@yahoo.com