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Posted in Legalizing public nudity on 2023-03-04 14:45:57

I don't think we need to force kids to be naked all the time, just occasionally like at the beach or swimming pool, so they're used to being naked in front of others and can make the choice about whether that's something they want to do more often. I think if you let kids swim naked starting when they're young and keep enforcing it as they enter puberty, they'll accept it as natural without any trauma.

Posted in Teen Pregnancy on 2023-01-07 14:11:21

That must have been hard to go through.

Posted in Teenage boys that have unprotected sex on 2023-01-07 14:09:46

A similar thing happened to my brother last year. He started hooking up with a girl on the swim team, who lied about being on birth control. When she inevitably got pregnant, my parents decided to adopt the baby, who was born just before Christmas.

Posted in The Great School Shoe Debate on 2022-12-27 22:10:01

The school I teach in has a requirement similar to the one you suggest. Students have to leave their shoes in their locker so as not to wear out the carpets in classrooms. Most students just wear flip-flops to school and spend the day barefoot.

Posted in Kids kicking off their shoes in class on 2022-12-27 22:06:52

I teach at a school that requires students to remove their shoes in classroom buildings because the classrooms are carpeted, and most students just go barefoot. Teachers are allowed to wear shoes, but I prefer teaching barefoot.