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Posted in Genital Spanking on 2016-03-02 15:02:15

I got several of those as a kid. Well, I actually was spanked spread-eagled so the belt hit all the area from my vulva to my buttocks. Yes, it is effective, as in hellishly effective: sure you "learn the lesson." But don't expect to have a great relationship with your daughter as she grows older. Don't expect respect, only fear. Actually, if she doesn't sue you for child abuse or call the child abuse helpline or whatever as soon as she's old enough to realize, you have a daughter you don't deserve.

Posted in Election 2016 on 2016-02-28 00:38:19

"Do you feel that allowing money to flow into Iran again by lifting the sanctions is a "gift" to ISIS fighting in the Middle East? "

Do you even know that ISIS is sunni and Iranians are shiite, they hate each other to death, and it was Iran and Iranian commandos who stopped ISIS at the doors of Baghdad??? It's our "beloved ally" anti-Iranian Salafist sunni Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf tyrannies who are behind ISIS and all other Islamic (Salafist sunni) terrorists in the world! (With some help from Turkey and Israel, which much prefer a fully destabilized neighborhood in chaos rather than powerful countries around.)