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Posted in White Socks on 2021-01-17 12:21:44

Interesting poll. I attended a normal state school back in the 1980s too, and we were never allowed to wear white socks with our school uniform. Rarely, and occasionally a boy in my class might try and "get away with it" but they were swiftly caught as we had a "socks inspection" alongside our regular morning uniform inspection. Boys were only allowed to wear grey or black socks with their school uniform, and the school was very firm about this. Trainers were never allowed neither. Only proper (preferably polished) smart black school shoes. If you got caught wearing white socks, in the first instance they were confiscated for the day; on the second instance, it was corporal punishment (cane). We weren't even permitted to wear white socks for PE, as all outdoor PE mandated wearing black football socks, and all indoor PE was done in bare feet anyway. Needless to say, I never wore white socks with my school uniform, only ever grey or black socks - I didn't want to get the cane!

Posted in Primary School PE Kits! (UK) on 2019-09-06 19:08:41

Well, I went to primary school (though it was called "Infants" initially, followed by "Juniors" later) back in the late 1970s to early 1980s, and this was very much the case for my school too. Perhaps because it was an impoverished area, but we (boys) simply weren't expected to bring a PE kit into school. We were just told to strip down to vest and underpants (and bare feet, of course), and had our PE lessons in the classroom like that.

Oddly (though some might say, sensibly, lol) I don't have any recollection of the girls getting "changed". Perhaps they had PE separately, or perhaps I never bothered looking. I think most boys were more interested in each other, trying to show off how 'strong' and 'agile' we were. I do remember really enjoying PE, and not feeling at all embarrassed about wearing only pants (sometimes a vest) as we were all the same, all the boys. It was just a fun opportunity to run around and play games with simple apparatus.

When we moved up to Juniors (a different school) we (boys) were expected to wear only shorts (bare chest and barefoot), and the lessons were segregated boys/girls. If you forgot to bring your shorts in, you did the lesson in your pants. Again, we just got changed in the classroom, before heading into the Main Hall.

From what I've heard, back then it was common practice as it was just too much to expect very young children to bring in PE kit, and then get changed without fuss.

Though as Keiran says, it was simpler, more innocent times.

Posted in Is it OK to be barefoot in PE? on 2019-01-05 18:40:47

This was the rule at my school too. We were only allowed to wear (black) shorts for indoor work; bare chest and bare feet. Black slip-on plimsolls and socks were permitted for some outdoor PE lessons. No footwear at all was permitted inside the gym - even those whom were not performing had to remove shoes and socks before entering. Some boys (all PE classes were segregated boys/girls) hated being in bare feet, I didn't mind.

Posted in Wearing slippers in the house on 2019-01-05 18:30:54

Hi Mark, to answer your question - that depends on who I'm visiting, and if it's planned or not. If I'm visiting my parents for example, there is no need, as they keep a pair of slippers there for me to change into when I arrive. It makes life easier that way. If I am planning to visit other family or close friends though, then yes, I usually take my slippers with me, if I'm expecting to stay for longer than a few minutes. It's really no effort, and it makes me feel more comfortable and relaxed. They are all slippers wearers too, so there is really no issue there.

If I'm going to visit someone I don't know so well, then I don't usually take slippers with me (initially anyway) as I don't know what to expect, though I will always offer to remove my shoes when entering, and will respect whatever domestic habits the homeowner adopts. Though if I'm told to "keep my shoes on" I always feel very uncomfortable and fidgety, unless the floor really is meant for footwear (i.e. some sort of industrial flooring such as ceramic tiles), though even then it seems strange to me. So much nicer to have thick, warm carpets underfoot, and lovely warm slippers - especially this time of the year when it's very cold outside!

Posted in Wearing slippers in the house on 2018-12-16 10:56:55

Yes, absolutely right Mark. As I've often said on this forum, I never wear shoes in the house, nor will I allow shoes to be worn in my house! It's shoes (and socks too, usually) off at the door, and change into my slippers straight away.

Same rules apply to family and close friends. They either leaves slippers here, or bring them round with them anyway. Other visitors usually just take their shoes off when entering and stay in socks. Some visitors, especially younger ones, like to take socks off too, which I approve of, as floors can be slippy in socked feet.

Some friends and visitors whom weren't slippers-wearers before have commented on what a good idea it is, and have told me they plan to adopt the habit themselves. I think this is excellent. It makes far more sense than ruining the carpets walking around in filthy shoes.

I've always worn slippers in the home, and I always shall. And my carpets stay spotlessly clean as a result.