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Posted in How Do You Spank Your Kids? on 2014-10-11 09:43:49

As a child only a spanking would work. For seiouse offenses a brush or spoon was used. I was the kind of kid tat nothing else would work

Posted in What was your worst childhood punishment? on 2014-10-11 09:19:49

I was caught destroying and graffiti in bathroom. I was made to wear disposable diapers for 4 day suspension and first two days at school. School was embarrassing I was in 4 grade.

Posted in What was your worst childhood punishment? on 2014-10-11 09:17:19

The thick wooden spoon and spatula was bad. especially in diaper position. The brush was worse.

Posted in Spanking the Unpunished on 2014-10-11 09:11:59

When I was 13 I asked for a spanking. I got the one mom always warned about the dreaded brush. This oak brush was passed down from mom to mom. I had felt the wrath of 10 or20. This though was a real brushing. I would find out later my mom got all her childhood although my cousin got worse. I got atleast 75. mom focused on that tender spot where the upper thighs meet the lower bottom. It was pure agony. After my fett were held up. Mom picked up the wooden spoon and made me count 13. The siaper position is the worse it stretches the skin tight and mom can focus on that snensitive spot where but meets thighs. This would make steps very hard after as the welted thighs met the swollen $%!@. I then got cuddled and massaged. Mom would always comfort and massage me telling me it was ok.