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Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2024-06-07 01:37:51

Hey MommaLovesTickling, love how ritualized your tickling sessions are. This is important to set really specific rules to specific person & offenses in my opinion. Knowing what are the most ticklish spots for each person is also something to take into consideration. And bringing some people to participate to their discipline could be really effective, that's what I do with my sister. Glad you also found that method to discipline your little ones.

Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2023-07-29 00:58:14

Hi Tickle-Time, glad you found this topic to share your experiences as well. Embarrassment and the feeling of being helpless is really important during this discipline indeed, I think you do a great job calling them little tickle bugs and letting them know how mommy gonna act during the session. How long are you tickling them though?

Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2023-06-21 03:14:25

Hi TicklerMom, yes we are a community that truly believe the benefits of non violent and non physical pain as punishment. Tickling has been proven to be so much better. The tiers are really ingenious, it allows your son to completely understand the severity of his misbehavior. Even if I would think at 11yo tiers 4 & 5 should be only used on him in my humble opinion. Thanks for sharing your experience with us :)

elize.n111 at yahoo.com

Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2023-03-24 02:55:15

Oh sure, especially for lazy mornings. He knows he has to wake up early even during the weekends to do his chores, but sometimes I find him still sleeping, meaning he played during the night instead. So depending what chores he tried to avoid, I just pin him down and tickle his upperbody or give him his full session as well helping him to wake up and get motivated for his chores.

Posted in Tickling as discipline for kids on 2023-03-02 04:21:07

Hi TicklingMomma, love to see how you manage your sessions with your little one. Keep it going and he'll become a perfect disciplined young man in the future :) elize.n111 at yahoo.com if you want to discuss more about it