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Posted in A poll for people with driver's licenses on 2014-12-13 21:57:12

What if you have a permit? That doesn't count as a license, but you do still have driving experience, so it should at least be included.

Posted in The driving should be changed to 18. on 2014-12-13 21:55:48

I don't think that it should be two years. It should be based off of their ability to drive safely. Keep them with the permit until they can drive safely should be enough. Have an age limit to the permit and then whenever they can drive safely, they are allowed to get their license. However, your point on the inexperience being the problem is correct. Their maturity also affects it, since younger people are more likely not to drink and then drive or just drive unsafely. Maturity and experience are the true problems, no the age.

Posted in The driving should be changed to 18. on 2014-12-13 21:52:23

If we switched it to 18, 18-year-olds would become the most dangerous drivers. Thus, it would continue in the same way until nobody could drive. I think that it would be better to allow permits to be obtained at 14.5 years of age, allowing drivers to get 1.5 years of experience. However, I got my permit at 16 and actually drive smarter than many adult drivers, but I believe that I'm an anomaly in this case.