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Girl, 9yo, abducted from home at 2am in the night I am female. It happend when I was 15 years old, at my home about 2am in the morning. Some alien-looking being appeared by me, but I did not see where they came from. I just got paralyzed as they approached me. PREPARATIONS: They stripped me totally naked. When waiting I was strapped down. I saw kids being prepared together with me. I saw teenage people being prepared together with me. MENTAL TESTING: They staged sexual scenes or handlings and tested my reactions. EXAMINATIONS AT THE HEAD AND NECK: They stuck some needles into parts of my head or neck. EXAMINATINS AT MY BREAST AND STOCMACH AREA: They stuck needles into my breast. They stuck needles into my stomach. The needles went through my nipplies and belly button at the same time. EXAMINATION OF THE LIMBS: They examined my limbs and joints in other ways. INTIMATE EXAMINATIONS: They stuck something looking like an ultrasound sond into my vagina. I was in an X position on the table. SOME GENERAL ASPECTS: The needles I remember in detail, other teens and kids in the same room with me I remember, I remember some parts of the instrument they put in my vagina. HOW IT ENDED AND I GOT BACK: I was stripped before I left my room, when I arrived back I was still naked but clothes were put back on me. They brought me back in the same way as they took me. SYMPTOMS AFTER HAVING GOT BACK: I blead or had discharge from my vagina. I had bruices on parts of me. I had cuts on parts of me. COMMENTS

Posted in Kids doing. a dare for you tube video on 2017-06-11 07:08:06

you have got $%!@ for brains

Posted in What do you wear at school and home on 2017-06-11 07:02:12

Rick you been around here long enough to know most of these messages are complete bull $%!@

stupid poll

Posted in kids swimming in pyjamas on 2017-06-11 06:48:30

really lol