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Posted in Sandals and flip flops at school. on 2017-05-01 07:53:02

How about a dress code allowing whatever footwear the individual wants to wear without regard to gender, sex, genes, etc? With the exception of P.E. and chemistry labs, where the additional restrictions are the same for all for safety? Along with a rule telling students to not boss anyone around on what to wear, for the students are no maker of any school rules!

I believe that you're psychotic for saying that. People can choose to show off or cover as much as they want to for swimming. It's no mental illness to not want to show off; it's mental illness to think it's mental illness to not want to show off. I'm very sure that if a person sends a person who doesn't want to show off in a swimming pool to a psychologist, the psychologist will pull in the sender instead and make that person a mental evaluation, and could possibly declare that person as mentally unstable and then do some therapy to that person to get that person to accept others' way of dressing for swimming, no matter how much they dislike it.

@Karlee33tr You gave no true valid argument as of why boys should not wear sandals. Some people say that boys' and girls' feet are gross and disgusting, no matter how well groomed. Most people assume that many or all girls take care of their feet while no boys do that. That is just an assumption. At least a few or some of the boys take care of their feet. The purpose of sandals really weren't originally for beauty display but only for hot days. Just because most boys don't paint their toenails, doesn't mean they should wear sandals. In the end, people can wear whatever they want. It's also a stereotype that guys' feet stink as bad a stink bomb but that girls' feet smell better than cologne. If guys who wear sandals shower every day and wash their feet before exiting the door with sandals, the smell shouldn't be noticeable. Also, girls feet has the same potential to stink as much as guys' feet. This is just a stupid, retarded society who just try fitting in. And if a girl doesn't want to date a boy who wears sandals/flip flops, the boy doesn't deserve dating her to begin with due to her biased attitude as well as that girl isn't yet ready to date. Ever notice how in Kindergarten about as many boys and girls wear sandals and only do so in warm weather? It's because they aren't into fashion or fitting in. And it's a stupid idea to believe that girls must wear sandals, whether they want to or not. As I said, fitting in is stupid and every individual should dress only how he/she wants. Fitting in shows uncertainty because they fear that standing out and self expressing will cause bashing and bullying as well as exclusion. Whoever participates in bashing, bullying, and excluding the person who decides to stand out is stupid and biased as well. That is just as stupid as doing so because of their religion, race, national origin, color, shape, sexual orientation, opinion, and preference too. Someone who is just ambitious about fitting in and always follows fashion is pretending to be something that he/she is not. How can anybody feel more comfortable with pretending to be something/someone he/she is not than expressing his/her true self? The massive participation in fitting in just shows how dumb we are and is a sign that stone age is far from over. We are to accept other for who they are, whether we agree or not with that thing or not as well as whether we agree or not with their preferences, personal background, etc. unless they are a danger. And at one point, sandals were fully accepted and expected from everybody, as they were the only kind of shoes available to wear, and females and males worn them all year round, even in the snow, and nobody focused in taking care of their feet so if you want to go back to Ancient Rome, Ancient China, Ancient Israel, Native Americans tribes before European arrival to any specific place, Ancient Japan, Ancient Egypt, etc. be prepared to puke within the first hour of you visit to that place and time. It will just demonstrate them how psychotic you are and how much of a foot fetish, foot attention focused type person you are, and they will find you weird and would even feel weird to interact with you. In the end, it's not in the genes or nature about only girls wearing sandals. It's a seemingly endless stupid style/fashion trend that has been accepted and expected by the majority. By the way, if you visit southern California, Florida, Africa, Middle Eastern, India, Australia, Southeastern Asia, or Central/Tropical South America, you will find about just as many males wearing sandals as females at any time in everyday events, except formal occasions that follow that psychotic trend. Just keep in mind that one day, probably in our lifetime, the world will wake up and establish a movement against fitting in and against bashing those who are their true selves. Then people will reveal who they are and dress how they like, and those who resist that movement will be seen as weird, which will probably follow after most places would have legalized same sex marriage and likely meanwhile or after most places begin finding polygamy(for both genders)/group marriage acceptable. It's just in a matter of time so brace yourself and wake up about what arguments are biased that are no facts.

Posted in Corporal Punishment Given From Parents To Child on 2016-04-27 02:43:01

@R.J. If in your area it is illegal for a parent to hit a child as punishment, then report it to the law enforcement as soon as possible without your parents noticing it, and when you report it, make sure a police goes home with you so that your parents won't harass you over reporting it and so that the police can work it with them. If it isn't illegal in your area, then talk about it with your school psychologist or with a psychologist outside the school as soon as possible, and make sure that you get into a free session if possible, and if not, raise money on your own by selling recyclables and/or any other way possible if you don't have a job. However, don't report them if you have already moved out and if you moved out and wish to visit them, be sure you have mastered martial arts and the effective ways of blocking and/or have a shield with you by the time you visit them the next time. The only English speaking countries that have banned all forms of corporal punishments towards children of all ages by parents is New Zealand, South Sudan, and Kenya. The rest allow it with some kind of limits/restrictions. In Canada, a parent can legally spank a child as a punishment as long the child is no younger than 2 years and no older than 11 years. Many religions and churches like to claim that it is acceptable to hit their kids as punishment but all psychological studies on that matter find that it does more harm than good. So the say "Spare the rod, spoil the child." is Bolshevik. It really is "Spare the rod, prevent implementing harm to the child, but punishment must be proper. Neither too lenient, nor too strict." If you live in a country where English is not the most common spoken language, review in Wikipedia whether that kind of punishment given from parents to children is legal in your country.

Posted in Professional dress code in the office. on 2016-03-10 04:37:54

But if a female can wear female formal dress sandals or female formal dress shoes that exposes some toes, why can't men wear male formal dress sandals? If women should be allowed to wear whatever they want, then why shouldn't men be? We should be equal to both sexes. If men will be prohibited from wearing sandals, then so should all women be. You know sandals really are not a feminine thing. It's just the psychotic trend and society that has shaped it that way as a seemingly everlasting trend and many people are prey of being brainwashed and mentally enslaved and manipulated to view sandals that very same way, therefore being made to fit in. I think fitting in is stupid. It is taken to the extreme in middle schools that if a boy wears sandals in middle school, he will be judged, criticized, and perhaps even bullied. This fashion trend needs to end. It serves no useful purpose and it hurts much more than what it helps or benefits. I am just red face mad at how things are that way.