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Posted in Would you hire a babysitter who smokes? on 2015-06-05 12:03:39

@nakedrhode I don't smoke, but I'd start just to find out what kind of punishment you had in mind o.o

Posted in Streaking in the Neighborhood on 2015-06-05 12:01:47

I streak a lot during games. So I only really do it when I'm dared to or lose at something... if I'm on my own and want to motivate myself to show off, it's mostly in passive ways like pretending not to know I'm showing off... so on my own I don't streak a lot :P

Honestly, with today's society the way it is, there should be mandatory pat-downs for males and strip pat-downs for females. to say otherwise is throwing security to the wayside....

Posted in Have you girls been groped or molested? on 2015-05-22 21:25:14

That's hot and noble. good job ^^

Posted in Camera up the skirt? on 2015-05-20 11:55:31

Thank you. It's a turn on knowing you exist cx it makes my commando days that much more exciting.