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Posted in Would you date me? on 2017-01-29 08:33:26

I'm 17 year old and I'm gay. I usually dress casually. I have wavy black hair and brown eyes. I'm 172cm tall and I'm slim but I'm going to the gym to bulk up. I'm a friendly person and is very loyal to people that I trust. I have a surprising strength for being slim

Posted in Truth or Dare for me on 2016-12-19 13:21:50

A cute boy or a good looking shirtless boy will turn me on. Kissing a guy not in my family, so I did it and it was not bad feeling but also not good feeling, it's felt ok and nice.

Truth: what's your idea guy? Dare: Take a bathtub filled with coke and go into the bathtub filled with coke and lay in there for 3 mins.

U can truth or dare me :)

Posted in Truth or Dare for me on 2016-12-17 05:30:34

Sorry for taking so long to reply! I'm meeting one of my friend on Monday and I'll do the dare.

Posted in Truth or Dare for me on 2016-12-08 12:26:50

I don't have a relationship before with anyone. I don't have any boyfriends before. But I seem to be close to getting a boyfriend as there are people hitting on me.

Here's a few more truth or dare: Truth: Do u like being barefoot? Truth: Do u love being shirtless? Dare: I dare u to lick kiss a boy's nipples. U can truth or dare me :)

Posted in Truth or Dare for me on 2016-12-07 09:01:47

I'm ok with the front part but I don't want to leave any evidence behind that may get me into more trouble. It's embarrassing to do that to a stores items, and then I just threw the underwear into a dustbin. Next time please don't dare me to do something that will leave evidence behind in a store.

Here's a few more: truth: Do u like cats or dogs? Truth: Did u kiss someone before(kissing your crush or anybody, excluding your parents)? Dare: I dare u to kiss your best friend or your roommates. Dare: I dare u to go shirtless and then ask someone to pour a container filled with cold melted ice cream on u.

U can truth or dare me anything except the conditions that I listed above.