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Posted in Whos the better sex men or women? on 2019-01-30 11:29:08

The superiority of women should also be regarded by governments and the law. Women should have exclusive rights and overall precedence in all respects.

Posted in The Real Weaker Sex - For Boys / Men Please on 2018-05-28 21:44:01

If she wants it, then we have to accept it. Otherwise I also think that men should not be allowed to carry female names. It is too misleading. Normally if you see a female name you talk to her with utmost respect. But a man does not deserve this kings of respectful behavior. A woman may think she's talking to somebody equal to her, while she is talking to an inferior who simply has to obey her. Having a female name is an honor that a man doesn't deserve.

Posted in Family cfnm on 2018-02-15 13:58:32

Yes, my sisters are very strict with their partners and their sons, while the girls are empowered and in no way restricted. They never get punished, the boys get spanked frequently. I don‘t have children, but I have to obey my wife. In our family females rule without exception.

Posted in Family cfnm on 2018-02-06 22:43:53

Hi male35, I don`t think my punishments were too harsh. I learned a lot from it and I'm grateful for having had such strict female hands. I still live under female rules and if I fail to act according to the them I still get spanked. And I'm still grateful. My relationship to my Mom and my sisters is still very good. I keep seeing them as my bosses, like all women.

Posted in Family cfnm on 2018-01-28 14:41:12

Josh, I got spanked in front of my sister and her friends frequently. The teasing and the sneering comments were part of my punishment. Though the cane or the strap would bite my bare flesh considerably, Mom nevertheless didn't hit too hard. The idea was to make it very humiliating for me and empowering for the girls. To hammer the insight home to me, that I had to treat females with respect and obey them, because they are much mature and smarter than me. This surely was to everybody's benefit including mine. I still see every woman and girls as my superior even today.

After heaving got my bare $%!@ already spanked, I had to turn around, hands on my head, legs spread and Mom would slap my thighs with a strap or a riding crop. Since I had to keep my hands on my head I couldn't rub my skin or hide my privates. The only thing I could do was to jump and squirm, while facing the smirking girls. The girls could tease my relentlessly because they knew they never would be humiliated like that. It was their privilege to keep their pride, while I, as a boy, had to do this ridiculous humbling dance before them.

When my willy grew hard, which sometimes happened, it slapped against my belly with each leap I did. That made the girls laugh and me blush.

Especially the humiliation made it very educational for me. I'm thankful that my Mom spanked me and my sister and her friends derided me. I understood, that females always win and are always in the superior position. Which they deserve, because they are superior.