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Posted in Whos the better sex men or women? on 2017-09-22 13:42:30

Not surprising. Women are better by far in absolutely everything. You find thousands of examples. But it should have consequences. Women should be given all power in society.

Posted in Gender Equality on 2017-06-23 14:06:12

"When I got divorced from my Ex-Wife she got everything, the car, the house, all the money and I think its fair cause I was not good enough for her anymore. I have also to pay a monthly alimony to her of about 75% of my salary so she can still live in luxury."

She is entitled to that anyway. And for not fulfilling her demands to her full satisfaction you deserve it. They should even make you accept another job and give 100% of the money you make there to her. There should be a minimum amount you have to pay to her and if you fail there should be strict punishment.

Posted in Gender Equality on 2017-06-23 14:01:10

"In my company all bosses are Females. Although we males have to work much more than the Ladys they earn the double salary minimum compared to us males."

That's completely fair. I do not support equal pay for equal work. Women deserve a higher wage than men not only for the same but for less work.

If women work half as much work as men and receive twice as much money it's a good situation. But it would be even better if women worked less than half and got more than double the payment.

Posted in Stricter laws against harassment on 2016-12-17 22:18:41

It´s because many of us understand, that to make us improve our behavior towards women, harsh punishments are necessary. I think for making a woman feel really uncomfortable a punishment of 20 years for the man is not too much. Actually it says "more than 20 years". So this should be the minimum. I would suggest harsher punishments for us, if we behave like idiots. Nobody forces us to act like creeps, so if we do, why not just give us 30 or 40 years in prison. It would be well deserved.

Posted in Gender Equality on 2016-10-06 08:50:46

That is indeed a good arrangement. It is positive that the women generally earn more. But I think the difference could be bigger.

Maybe there should have been a restriction on the amount of the mens earnings.Maybe for the dividends there could be a maximum for the men of 10.000 each. This would save 120.000 altogether which could be given to the women instead. The result would be 210.000 for each woman and 10.000 for each man. Which I think would be pretty fair.

The gain from selling the company was 833.000 for each men. 33.000 would have been enough. This would save 2,4 Mio that could be given to the women making 4,95 Mio for each woman.

Aour solution is good, but this would be perfect.