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Posted in General Dragon Ball Z Poll on 2006-10-03 16:11:28

Of course, its Vegeta! Why isnt he there

Posted in Foot Dares on 2002-06-26 15:24:12

My friend and I were playing Truth or Dare and he dared me to walk barefoot in my backyard with a blindfold for five minutes without stopping. Doesn't seem so bad does it? Well, my yard is filled with dog poop that we don't clean up often. Piles and piles of fresh and old dog poop lay in the yard. He dared me to get barefoot, put on a blindfold, and walk through the yard. I havent walked barefoot through that yard for like 3 months, when there was no dog poop. But now, filled to the brim with dog poop, I was walking barefoot in the yard. PLOP, I immediately feel my toes sink into a large pile of poop. To get revenge, I make him do something worse. I don't even blindfold him. I just make him take off his shoes and socks and I make him sit on a chair and stick his bare feet into a pile of poop. It was gross but we had a good time and they were crazy dares.