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Hi Eric. If you have questions you can ask them here. Or are they of a too personal nature?

Between ages 8 and 13 I was harnessed no more than one or two times each year. I doubt I've been in harness more than ten times in my life and never for more than three hours.

As a kid we had a large private back yard and my dad had strung an overhead line that ran the length of it from our back door to the back fence. I remember being in a harness with a leash that attached to the overhead line. I could play in the yard while still being restrained.

On other occasions I was in restraints to study and do homework. At the time I thought that all kids were harnessed from time to time I that I probably had it easier than most. It wasn't until latter that I learned restraints were the exception and not the rule.

Although I didn't get it often it made a huge impression on me. When I $%!@ed I often fantasized about being in restraints or seeing my friends in restraints. I don't agree with the routine use of restraints for no particular reason. However for transport in cars it makes sense to know that your kids can't move around out of the seats. It's safety more than anything else.

Th boy's mother conducts what you could call random spot checks, usually the first thing in the morning. The penalty for a first offense is the loss of privileges and the requirement of reporting for twice daily inspections. A second offense in the same week results in a spanking, bare bottom but not too hard, followed by corner time. So far we haven't had to deal with three offenses in a single week. Let's hope it stays that way.

I'm not a big fan crotch-straps. From my own limited experiences being harnesses as a boy I didn't like the strap there as the pressure could be uncomfortable after awhile, especially if I became hard. I know my boys feel the same and that's the reason why I don't use pull-ups on them. Pull-us are too snug in the front so I use diapers that are roomy where boys need it most.

But really the only need for diapers is to avoid public restrooms late in the night. Gas straiten restrooms at 1 am can be very scary places. As for the ball gags I might start using them very soon. I'm just waiting for a time when I think the boys will be ready.

I know options on this matter differ. My own feelings are as long as the boys do it in the privacy of their rooms I don't object. That is as long as they're not doing to excess. Both boy are of Scandinavian decent, blond and very fair. If they do it too much the skin on the shafts of their $%!@'s becomes red and irritated. They are punished when it's discovered that they are displaying telltale redness but not otherwise.

By as for night time car drives the older of the two was starting to rub that area when he was half asleep and thus the need for the wrist cuffs. But if you try to stop boys from flapping completely they only become all the more intent on doing it. Often time when a boy knows that he's about to be restrained he'll become erect as a result. I know I did when I was that age.