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User: Susan


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Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2002-07-20 08:30:10

They should have their $%!@es sliced into shreds, starting at the tip, down to the base. When the $%!@ is in shreds it should be cut off. Or slice the $%!@ across ways in sections. Cut into slices until all the $%!@ had been cut off. Without pain killiers.

What age do you think a rapists should start to be castrated at?

I've heard of dogs being trained to attack the $%!@ and testicles by the Russian military. They have used them too.


========== In Reply To ========== I agree that all male members of the family should also be castrated but I think they should wait until the boy is older. Do you think they should just have their nuts cut off or their weenies too? Should it be done surgically with anesthetic or not?

What's the nastiest way you've ever heard of a guy getting his $%!@ or balls removed? Do you think there are any methods which are too severe to use on rapists/

Feel free to email me if you like.


Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2002-07-16 00:17:46

Hi Tammy,

If a boy forced $%!@ on a girl he should have his $%!@ either cut off by the girl, or bitten off by the girl, and her friends should be allowed to help her. That would teach him to force his $%!@ into a girls mouth.

I also think that if more than one male member of a family commits a sexual offence, then all boys in that family should be castrated to be on the safe side. In cases like that it is better to castrate them at birth, if it's in their genetic make up.

These days we have the vote, and we should use it. If we chose to vote for a correct woman to run our country, we should be able to get these things to happen in the future.

Susan. ========== In Reply To ========== Hi Susan

Thanks for your wonderful responses to my poll. If any male(man or boy) raped either of my little girls he would be sorry he was ever born a male. I have taught my daughters about the weakness of males and I have even witnessed them capitalising on that weakness. :-)

For rapists, the method used to remove his $%!@ should be very painful and slow. I have heard of several methods that would suit.

What would you think should be done to a young boy who does not rape a little girl, but perhaps does something like forcing her to perform $%!@ on him? Should he have his weenie removed or simply tortured?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2002-07-13 02:57:36

If your son or brother raped your little girl, would you castrate him and cut off his $%!@ if it was legal?

Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2002-07-13 02:02:49

I think when a young girl is raped, the rapist, man/boy should be castrated in front of the whole of the female stundents with them helping, so that the females got justice.

If a boy rapes his sister he should have his little prick cut off by the girls, and his little sack slowly cut away leaving his balls hanging so the females can pull them off like grapes.

Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2002-07-13 01:54:36

========== In Reply To ========== I agree, they should be shown from a young age that their little $%!@es and testicles can be made to hurt as punishment. Sisters should show them, along with their mothers.