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I have no problem with two consenting adults swapping cloths. Yet when it come to the public school and concerning young aduilt under the age of 21, That bothers me. I know kids play dress up when they are very young and thats okay because the child's parents are there. I believe it is far more inportant for a good education Than to teach my sons how it is to wear girl's clothing. there is one day a year called holloween for that tomfoolery. The one up side is this ( it is voluntary and those of you who Participate are not a fended )

Posted in Should straight guys wear leather jeans? on 2004-02-02 07:27:34

Men where wearing leather pants a long, long time before any women ever even tried them on.

Posted in Dress or a skirt as punishment on 2004-02-02 07:11:57

I under stand what you mean on you can except petticoat punishment yet are agianst cross dressing. Like said, what is petticoat punishment. But forced cross dressing.The Bible does not make any exceptions to the law that men are not to wear any thing THAT PERTAINTH to a women. (men also means boys)It is just as wrong for your parent or mother,aunt, grandmother, and older sister to force you to dress in girl's clothing as it is for you to do it willingly. Yes petticoting works great but that does not make it right?

I'm am agianst dink, That does not give me the right to go into a bar and have a beer just so you will hear me out. That makes me an hypercrit! Say one thing to you and then do the very thing I told you not to do. To petticoat your son then spank him for wearing girls cloths is a double standered.

Best Idea is do not petticoat you boys in the firsr place and then you can tell them you're a boy and boys don't wear girls clothing, it is wrong!

The Word of GOD says sin is fun for a season, but the end there of is death.

Posted in Does petticoating reallly happen? Spanked too? on 2004-01-16 03:49:02

Petticoat puishment or Discipline does work quite well on today young girls. Today most girls wear jeans and flanel shirts, yes even mens and boys boxes shorts too. Have any of you lately tried to have your daughter wear a dress or skirt? They fight as bad or wores than a boy! You literly have to force or petticoat the the girl in order to get her to wear a dress or skirt.


Posted in When does life begin? on 2004-01-16 03:28:10

Well long before you're forty!