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Posted in Vegetarianism on 2002-05-14 11:05:20

I only where leather second hand A lot of vegitarians I know will not support the industry, (although they're still supporting the trend). But you can't have everything. :)

Posted in R u a slacker. on 2002-05-12 20:11:26

I'm a slacker and I make fun of people, but non of them you mentiond. And nerd are COOL! I make fun of fundamentalists. And lots of others.

Posted in PUNK AND METAL BANDS on 2002-05-12 20:06:00

Best Punk: Boredoms Best Metal: Well haven't listend to metal since I was what? 14. But my fav then would have to have been Satyricon, or whatever they where called?! Those where the days. What would I be called now? Nothing realy, but I call myself safisticato. And I fancy Jazz.


Posted in Females wearing skirts and dresses at all times on 2002-05-11 15:34:23

I live in Sweden, and ever so often I see a man in a long black skirt (usually down to feet).

It isn't a common thing, but even the clothes company H&M (Swedish origin btw) had skirts on their dolls.

I think skirts look A OK on men. (not out of fetish reasons mind you!) I really hope it will be accepted one day, Choice is Choice!

========== In Reply To ========== Its my opinion that, sadly... Male skirt wearing will NEVER be accepted in society... A defeatest statemant, you may think ???? .... Not at all - read on.....

Now, First of all.. lets see what we need to do to get the Man in a Skirt it accepted......

Its simple..... We need to do Exactly what the women done in the early 60's and have a, "Mens Liberation Movement" ... lets burn out pants... lets rally for OUR, Equal Rights in clothing, which after all is a basic right... and all we want to do, is to go back to Mens Original clothes, which Always consisted of skirted garments, just like the womens did...

We also need to lose our worries and inhibitions about wearing skirts in Public... after all, its only a piece of material for gods sake !!! ... Its a one legged pair of pants or shorts... Its also your OWN bodies that you want to wear these garments on... and as you don''t tell anyone else how to dress, no one has the right to tell you what you can or cannot wear !!!!

The thing to do is this... dress reasonably smartly, but at the same time casual, complete with skirt... then simply go out with your heads held high... and NOT give a damn what people think about it.... If We ALL done that, instead of just a handful of us, there would not be a problem getting male skirt wearing completely accepted.... However - That will NEVER Happen... unfortunately, and this is why.....

There is one simple reason that men wearing skirts will NEVER be accepted by society, and its the fault of the guys that wear the skirts.... The reason ???, you may ask.... I'll tell you...

The Guys that wear skirts behind closed doors, and spend ages posting about it various message boards, are scared to put a skirt on and come out into society wearing it... they always seem to find an excuse as to why they can't wear a skirt in public...

They have to hide their skirt wearing from their Wives or Girlfriends... they feel ashamed to admit to their mates they wear a skirt..... They are afraid they may lose a bit of street cred... or this macho image with their mates in the local pub... they are afraid to admit they wear a skirt to a workmate, for fear it will spread through the entire company... they are afraid of people pointing at them and whispering to each other... "psst - that guy over there wears a skirt"... HELL - Wearing a skirt isn't a BL**DY Disease for Chrissake !!!!!

To sum things up..... They are ALL BLOODY COWARDS... and Thats the reason, the Man in a skirt will NEVER be accepted !!!!

* Gets off Soapbox *

Ok Guys I've had my say.... Now Prove me WRONG !!!

Cheers For Now


Posted in Christianity on 2002-05-09 14:15:24

Yup, some people don't like choices. That's why a lot of people turn to religion... (?)

========== In Reply To ========== My values come from religion, parents, or local laws, or else I don't have any??? What kind of stupid choices are those? Those are all choices for people who have no brain!