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Posted in Gay rights on 2002-08-23 03:44:21

I agree with you, I was shocked that so many people still have so much prejudice against homesexuals- gay people are people too! My best friend is gay, and I love him to death! I hope you are right Mari and that we are better than this. caddylily

========== In Reply To ========== I had no idea our society was still so backward and predjudce. Homosexuals should be treated with the same respect that every other American should be. That was a sad survey. Come on, we're better than this.

mari-happily heterosexually married for 7 years

Posted in Gay rights on 2002-08-23 03:38:43

I think it's pretty sad that people can have such narrow-minded views, on any subject but especially one such as this.

========== In Reply To ========== I am a christian, and personally I find homosexuality wrong and disgusting. But...we have to accept that this is part of our world now, a world full of sin and hate. They still deserve the basic rights we have, no matter how they want to live their lives.

God doesn't make anyone homosexual, that is a decision people make themselves, based on their society and the devil. If the world was meant to have gay people, then why are there 2 sexes? sexuality is jsut a tool the devil tried to use against us. I do not tihnk that gay marriages should be legalized, i think that SOME gay couples can adopt, it has been proven that many of them are good people. Bottom line : It's wrong, but gays are people and deserve human and basic rights.

Posted in Pledge of Allegiance on 2002-08-23 03:25:03

Ok, to non-christians, these things are NOT trivial or meaningless!! having to say "under god" makes me denounce my belief, and that is not a trivial thing to me, nor would it be to any person of any religion. this is a big deal, because it implies that all americans are christians or should be christians, and this is wrong.

========== In Reply To ========== I think that people who are actually offended by trivial, meaningless concessions to the Christians like "In God We Trust" or "One Nation, Under God" need to find more interesting things to fret about. As long as there is no profound connection between the church and the state, and we're all safe from the would-be Torquemadas, we shouldn't worry.