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Posted in top 50 punk bands of all time on 2002-09-25 00:03:28

one more...WHERE ARE THE EXPLOITED!!!?? I think they would be one of my choices if they were there. well whatever it was mostly a good list...shoulda included some ska tho too...

Posted in Does God Exist? on 2002-09-15 06:42:47

i hate when people say that any ONE belief is wrong or right. would i ever buy into something just cuz the church said so? no. but if you want to thats your business so whatever. everyone has just as much proof as anyone else for thier beliefs...none. so to say you are right and someone else is wrong is just you flaunting your ignorance. especially you, jim from texas, if your reading this. i think that you should not post another message on this site, not because you are wrong in any of your beliefs, but because you just sound so STUPID and it must be embarrasing. anyways stop with the anything bashing and just let ppl be.