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Posted in Circumcision on 2002-09-01 07:32:35

========== In Reply To ========== "I, like lots of other guys born right after WW2- am circumsized."

I was born then as well but the knife missed me!

"I never gave it a thought."

I did give it quite a bit of thought, because the overwelming majority of my peers (and both of my brothers, older and younger) had been circumcised. I thought I had a mild birth defect until I learned why I was different.

"Most guys of my generation were circumcized- but as i went through school and was active in sports- I of course realized some guys were not. I never gave it a thought or cared one way or another."

It was never discussed (only one kid, very privately, ever asked me why mine looked different) and although I think everyone looked in the locker rooms, it was never an issue. I sensed that the few of us with foreskins were slightly self conscious about being different, but none of us came unhinged over it. I sensed that the circumcised guys were not at all concerned about showering next to the few of us with foreskins.

"I realize in reading Mister Poll- that it is an issue that people feel strongly about."

I do feel strongly about not circumcising unconsenting baby boys. Their foreskins are theirs, and theirs alone! I'm glad to see the poll results where so many women prefer intact or simply do not care one way or another. I'm also pleased to see the circumcision rate of babies declining in the USA.

"I just am stating- I never gave it a thought. I have had a happy life- I would imagine it would have been just as happy had I not been circumcized. I have had a good and happy mrraige and sex life- I doubt it would have been less or more happy if I had not been. I ust never thought it was anythinkg to give much thought to."

Likewise, it is easy for me to imagine that if I had been circumcised, I too would not miss what I have never known. However, I do know what I would be missing, and I am very glad to continue on with the pleasures of retaining my foreskin. My wife likes it too.

Posted in Circumcision on 2002-09-01 06:40:32

I just looked at my message and was surprised to see that the anatomically correct word for "$%!@" was automatically and modestly rewritten by the editor. No wonder people are still circumcising!

Posted in Circumcision on 2002-09-01 06:22:02

I never had the displeasure of reclining on a circumstraint, even though my older and younger brother did. Almost everyone in my age group was cut as well and there was a brief period when I wished I had been circumcised for only one reason; so I would look like almost everyone else. Fortunately, I survived that somewhat self conscious time and eventually learned to fully appreciate the many benefits and pleasures accompanying my very healthy foreskin. Not matching my intact dad wasn't a big deal to my brothers any more than my brothers and me not matching each other. Unlike those unfortunate enough to be circumcised, I still retain the owner's option of getting a circumcision although I cannot imagine sentencing my foreskin to a premature death. My son is very happy he is intact. I am very pleased to have my entire $%!@, with all of the factory installed options, especially the moving parts!

I would support a world-wide ban on infant genital mutilation. Where do I sign the petition? Why is cutting off a foreskin any different than cutting off the glans, or the entire $%!@? Too many parents take away their son's freedom to choose the fate of his own foreskin.