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Posted in Classmates in the change room on 2022-09-07 16:54:38

Wonder why while they were putting on their swimsuits, the leaders didn't mention that they would be showering naked anyways and to wait to put them on telling after the shower

Posted in sleep over bath on 2022-04-22 21:04:27

Once when I was staying with my cousins. We were 12, and his 16-year-old sister got in the shower after us. They acted like it was just normal, but I noticed he was getting hard just like me.

Posted in the sleep over on 2022-03-23 00:22:46

I sometimes sleepover at my friend's place, and I see his little sisters naked sometimes, like when they get out of the bath or leave the toilet door open. They are 10 and 7 now, and the older one has started getting a bit shy about it, but the younger one doesn't care. She asked me to wipe her backside for the last time I was there.

Posted in Back yard sleepover on 2021-11-10 01:19:03

I always used to be naked at night on sleepovers.

=================================================== I had a sleepover with my friend Millie, and her brother helped us when we had a bath, and he was kind. He even wiped my bum for me. I love Emily.

==================================================== Once I was sleeping over at my best friend's house, and we were sleeping in the same bed butt-naked. His sister comes in and asks if she can sleep with us. When she finds out we're naked, she strips down and climbs into bed as well.

Posted in clothing optional beach on 2021-09-16 00:26:54

I'm always nude whenever possible, so a nude beach was nothing special