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Posted in School Punishment on 2017-06-11 15:56:27


Sorry to hear of the awful canning you got and the leg whipping you'll get this evening will that be with the cane I hope you get through it ok I would be crying a lot if I was getting my legs whipped.

I got spanked a few hours ago for acting up I swore to the mum and refused to stop playing my Nitendo WII I deserved the sparked this time it was over my short shorts and theighs it really hurt :( my friend was with me when I got spanked he got smacked aswell and my mum sent him home she gave him one smack over his shorts he is my best friend and my mum and his mum are best friends and we get smacked by each other's mums if we are bold. He went home crying :( not a great day

Sorry I asked that question Matt I wasn't thinking when I asked the question.


Posted in School Punishment on 2017-06-11 10:03:46


So sorry to hear about all your whippings? How did yesterday's whipping go I hope your not too sore. Did you get whipped over your shorts yesterday?

I got a real bad spanking yesterday with the wooden spoon for not doing my chores properly and for been rude to my mum I did deserve it yesterday but sometimes I think I don't deserve it I just think sometimes my mum is too harsh :(

Yesterday I got the wooden spoon over my short shorts 15 times and was sent to my room crying the pain was so bad :( I was very upset :( hopefully I'll get through today with no spankings.

Glad Daniel had chosen to stay in with you. Why will your boyfriend not be allowed go with you again?

Hope you don't get any whippings again for a while. This past week I've got a lot of hand spanks :( hopefully this week will be better


Posted in School Punishment on 2017-06-06 12:47:10


I'm so sorry to hear how bad the holiday went. I cried when. I read this message :(:(

Did you get canned when you got home? Are you back in school now?

My parents took me on a camping trip at the weekend thankfully they didn't bring a wooden spoon or belt but I got lots of hand spanks over my shorts they really stung me too :( I got 10 hand spanks over my shorts on Saturday for acting up :(

I couldn't wait to get home yesterday but I got the wooden spoon over my pjs for acting up on the camping trip and now I'm grounded next weekend it's so unfair :(:(

I hope your boy too sore hopefully you don't get spanked again for a while.

I cried when I got the wooden spoon and when I got spanked at the campsite I was sore and embarrassed:(:(


Posted in School Punishment on 2017-06-02 08:25:30

Hi Matt,

I'm so so sorry that sucks big time I feel so sorry for you both your poor boyfriend getting whipped by your dad are his parents ol with that?

Well I have bad news too I went to my friends hous yesterday at lunch time wearing short shorts I was having so much fun I lost track of time around 10pm my friends door bell rang it was my mum she walloped me good and hard there on the doorstep and took me home when I got home for the first time ever I got the belt ouch ouch ouch I'm still sore :( I cried a lot I was so upset I now know what the belt is like :(

I'm going to keep low today my mum said anything out of line today I do and I'll get a hand spanking over my theighs:(

Hope you have had no more spankings or whippings. Have you been able to enjoy the holiday? Have you recovered from the whipping?

Btw how short are you shorts how many inches above your knee?

Hope you have a fun weekend I hope the whipping on Sunday is not too sore I know you'll cry and that's ok these days even when I get a few hand spanks over my thin short shorts I cry :(

Talk soon,


Posted in School Punishment on 2017-05-31 11:37:41

Hi Matt,

Sorry I was grounded from my computer for a good while because of my poor grades in school :(:(

Ouch a belting that's harsh the worst I get is the wooden spoon abc that makes me cry :( I really hope you don't get the cane that would b so sore I know though it's hard to avoid spankings :(

I got a couple of hand spanks over my short shorts in the park at the weekend in front of my cousin it was sore and embarrassing I had to hold back the tears :( also I got the wooden spoon at the weekend for not doing my chores right it's so unfair :( I try so hard to be good.

So sorry you got spanked on the way to the airport are your parents allowed spank your boyfriend? I feel sorry for him I know what it's like to have spank marks on legs it's always so embarrassing:( did you both cry in the car I cry if I get that many leg spanks!!

At least your having a fun holiday now and enjoying it are you both wearing short shorts on holidays ? Hope you avoid getting spanked for the rest of the holiday.

I got a few spanks this morning so I'm staying quiet for the day.