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Posted in The Real Weaker Sex - For Boys / Men Please on 2018-10-26 10:12:04

As to intelligence, I think you have your head in the sand. over 60% of college students are now Women. Most valedictorians are Girls. Women, I believe, are beginning to outnumber men in the workforce, and are taking over management jobs by the scores, because they are better managers, better decision-makers and problem-solvers. I am wondering where you are getting your information?

Posted in The Real Weaker Sex - For Boys / Men Please on 2018-10-26 10:08:07

Women are superior to men in certain physical ways, like endurance, pain management, etc. While we are not generally physically stronger, we do pretty well. I am tall (5' 10" in bare feet), and very fit and strong, although in my workouts I choose a strength regimen that doesn't build bulk. However, I work out using MMA, and I can shatter a cantaloupe hanging 7 feet in the air. I am never intimidated by men, work out with men and easily hold my own because I have long legs, lots of flexibility, and superior discipline and technique. I am married to a man 5'11" and have no problem taking him in any venue, and he's no wimp because he also works out. I lead our relationship and make all the decisions, although I respect his opinions and consider his input in my decisions. But once I make the decision, he obeys.

Posted in The Real Weaker Sex - For Boys / Men Please on 2018-04-11 17:50:51

I think you should abandon the respectable female name Sarah for just the Louise, or use a Female slant on your male name. ie if you were tony, you could use toni. Stephen could be stefi. etc etc. I'm not sure I like you, as an inferior male, using an "actual" Female name like Sarah.

Unless, of course, the name is prescribed by the Female superior in your relationship.

I make my husband sit to pee. Males are so gross, they spatter all over the place, they miss, they don't clean up after themselves, it gets all over the toilet and all over the floor. Are you kidding me? You inferior men think it's "manly" to spread pee all over the place like a dog? Well, don't worry, in time you will see how we redefine "manly." My husband already knows, as do many other men. for the rest of you, your time is coming.

Posted in The Real Weaker Sex - For Boys / Men Please on 2017-07-17 17:20:35

Unable to take your poll because you failed to allow for the possibility that a Girl/Woman would be bathing an OLDER brother.