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The longest I had them tied was for maybe 2 hours. They weren't too tight, it was in school so I just had my shirt over them. But even though it wasn't tight they were still starting to go purple by the end! Very exciting.

I also have an experience with getting pulled by my nipples! I had rings in, and I linked them together with a gold chain and wore it to school. I had a loose crop top on that ended just under my boobs, when I raised my hand I'd flash a little underboob :). Anyway, the chain hung down below the shirt so you could see it, and a few people would grab on to it and lead me around! It was very hot, it would also pull the shirt up so I'd be flashing everyone!

Posted in Girls, are you made to wear skirts in the winter? on 2024-04-01 14:31:03

I'm like Vicki too, almost always wear skirts and never longer than about mid thigh. Usually I'll go bare, but sometimes I'll have fishnet thigh-highs if my fit looks good with it. Never wear hose or nylons or whatever, I always thought that's weird and old fashioned.

I have done this with a couple friends at a sleep over a few times. They didn't tie them too tight for themselves, but I got them to tie real tight for me. And yes, getting whipped feels soooo good. We did that too, but was super soft for my friends they didn't want it too hard. But I had them go all out on me lol! But I have more experience with it too.

My boobs are a little bigger than manuela's, I have light brown skin with darker brown areolas, bit bigger than quarters. I have pierced nipples, so my nippkes are always standing up like half an inch I think

I really like both of those things, the clamps and tying my $%!@ up. I've never done it in public though, that must be exciting. Maybe I'll try to do it under my shirt at school. How tight do you do it? Because I like it when it's tight enough that my boobs turn like red or even purple, but I don't think it's a good idea to keep them like that too long. But the feeling of someone playing with them when they're that way .... hmm I love it. Oh, and when you finally free them and the blood rushes back in, holy $%!@ that's overwhelmjng!

Posted in Sexually Active Kids on 2023-11-29 19:15:34

Hey Mike

So growing up my mom was a prostitute, so there were always guys in our apartment waiting to have sex with her. I was always curious, I started $%!@ing around then, and it just made sense to move on to having sex. My mom wasn't too happy at first, but she didn't stop me.

For me, I started getting wet even before then, I didn't know what it meant though. Cass was usually dry at first, which would make it pretty painful, but she doesn't have that problem as much anymore.