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Interesting that improved appearance is by far the number one reason chosen, at 88% although all respondents had more than one reasons, most quite a few. Also only 11% selected "Circumcision makes it more inconvenient for my son to engage in certain activities." So much for preventing the big "M." No parent realistically believes it prevents you know what. However, 59% (including myself), agree, that a foreskin is a distraction and boys are better off without one, and 52% that foreskins are "unwholesome." High and tight is the most popular style desired by far. I agree here too; IMO an old fashioned high and tight, gomco "baldy" is the best infant circ for any boy. Always clean, dry, and fresh, nothing to get sore, irritated or infected, set and forget hygiene, it really does look better, and I agree that it makes men more attractive to women.

Posted in Which Style of Circumcision for Your Son? on 2017-07-26 01:10:34

Interesting to note that ALL of the female respondents prefer Tight. Male respondents vary from Loose to Tight, but the ladies have been unanimous in selecting Tight, at least so far. I'll update if this changes.

I think there is one or more real academic studies that show circumcised men do M----------- slightly less, but the difference isn't great. Removing the foreskin makes M------------ somewhat less convenient, because uncirc'ed men usually use the foreskin to M_______. I think it makes boys more likely to M____________ at times and in places that are more appropriate than if they aren't cut. I also recall reading somewhere that using the foreskin to M___________ tends to make the P***s sore, which would certainly l focus a boy's attention "down there" more. Uncut boys are probably more inclined to get low level infections which cause mild irritation and draw attention to the P____, and possibly make M__________ somewhat more likely. If they think about it, most parents probably would not want their teen or pre-teen son to have a wet, slippery sleeve attached to the end of his P____, always ready for instant use, or misuse, as it were. Removal of the foreskin definitely does stop boys from experimenting with a certain behavior with each other. If one boy is circ'ed, it becomes extremely difficult, if both are circ'ed, it's impossible, and if both are tightly circ'ed, it's useless for them to even think about trying it.

Posted in Teenage Circumcision on 2017-06-21 19:15:42

A foreskin is a zipper accident waiting to happen.

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