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To have no choice in wearing very little in front of others.

Hey Betsy, I have new email. realtordawn@yandex.com

My fantasy I guess. When my brother and I were little, sometimes we'd be punished by having to run around in our underwear for the rest of the day. It was embarrassing as heck. But that stopped when we started developing. I sort of with it had continued cuz I found that to be kind of exciting as well as embarrassing.

Posted in Pantyhose, Panties, and minis on 2022-07-25 22:07:34

Well yeah I can't say I have a scientific sample but I was taught panties go on first. But what is advantage to panties over?

I'm 20 now and only live at home some of the time. Would have been a cool thing back in my teens but kinda late for that now. I have a good relationship with both parents and they both give me good fashion advice like when I have VPL or I'm over/under dressed. The closest my dad ever came to encouraging this was expressing a preference for my basketball cheer skirt (just below crotch) to my football cheer skirt (mid thigh). Great fantasy topic tho.

Posted in Pantyhose advice on 2022-07-05 13:14:33

I just looks better if the wind is naughty