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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2009-03-11 21:35:14

Oh, and by the way, I'm running two copies of the poll. The one that links from the DavidKayePromo newsletter (which goes out to people who've attended the shows and to performers) and the one on the Music Box web page.

It amazes me how few people are responding. The DKP list is about 1000 people.

The different copy of the poll linked to the web page got 1 hit (the second was my input to see if the poll was working), but I expected low results because most of the viewers probably have never been to a show. But one response? Sheesh.

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2009-03-11 21:24:50

The 21 unique IP addresses thing is amazing given that the total audience for both musicians (they played together) was less than 20 people! It was not one of our better attended shows.

Any chance we can get access to those IPs and some charting? I'm talking about something like Sitemeter does, which I use on the main web page for the series: http://www.musicboxseries.com -- go to the bottom left and click on the green Sitemeter logo.


By the way, I sent the Broadcast Legends folks to you.

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2009-03-11 08:28:34

How do you folks block repeat votes on a poll from the same user? It doesn't appear that you drop cookies. It seems that you keep track of IP addresses, which is cool, but it also seems that after awhile it's possible to vote again in a poll.

I have a situation right now where one of my polls appears to be getting lots of hits from the same person/people -- either that or the two performers are extremely popular, which I doubt.


See what I mean?

How long are repeat votes banned? Is there a way you can make it permanent so there's really just one vote per person?

Posted in The Country Poll on 2002-09-02 22:02:07

========== In Reply To ========== Country music is for hillbilly, red-neck, backwards assed country f**ks!!!

How many different kinds of country music are you aware of? Have you heard bluegrass, Western swing, honky-tonk, Cajun, Zydeco, Oldtime, Texas Swing, or Bakersfield Sound? Or have you only heard Nashville country music?

If you've heard only Nashville style, it's no wonder you hate it. But there's a lot of country music I'd bet you'd like if you ever heard it.

Posted in Favorite National TALK SHOW Hosts on 2002-09-02 21:51:50

========== In Reply To ========== The show I have listened to the most isn't even on the list, it's "Online Tonight", hosted by David Lawrence.

Sorry about not including David Lawrence. I'd heard his show before he was on CNET, but he wasn't on any of the syndicator lists I'd seen and thus I forgot to include him.