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Posted in A Gift From God on 2005-04-20 14:17:24

This poll is very biased. You need to add more responses! Yes, babies are still born, but the reasons are not because G~d is twisted or because he doesn't exist. G~d has a reason for everything. Maybe that stillborn baby would grow up to be the next Hitler or Saddam Hussein! You never know! And I believe that babies who die from say, crib death, have already fulfilled their purpose in life. Children who die through abuse and other such things are generally the fault of humans, not G~d. We have free-will and unfortunately, this World and those in it, are suffering because of humanity's OWN choices!

Posted in American definition on 2004-11-28 04:56:39

I chose the Hispanic born and raised in the US, however, in reality there should be no such thing as "more American". It's kind of like religion. A person born a Catholic/baptized in infancy is no more a Catholic than an adult who chooses to undergo the conversion process. Both are Catholics regardless of when they became Catholic. Same goes with citizenship. Both are American. Both the person born IN America and the person with a full US citizenship (permanent immigrant and such IS different) are equal as Americans in every way and should not be treated differently. Also, I've read on the visa/immigration website that a person has to live in the USA for SEVERAL years (a decade or so?? can't remember exactly) before being accepted as a citizen. If this person has lived in the country long enough to be considered an American--after going through the process--this person should be considered an American plain and simple, no questions asked.

Posted in Racism against Whites on 2004-11-11 21:49:12

"Oh, just like blacks/latinos will whine if a white person gets the job and they don't. "Waaaaa! I need affirmative action!" "Waaaaa! This country is so racist against non-whites yet I still choose to live here!" Oh, and by the way, aren' you being a racist by using the term 'wetback'? Hypocrite. You must be a liberal."

I agree!

Posted in Racism against Whites on 2004-11-11 21:48:24

"Funny-how American society is 99% white culture, yet not having a "white" history month is discrimination"

It is rather strange that whites are the majority yet we aren't encouraged to be proud of who we are as others are taught to be proud of their heritage! It's sad really.

"Now, let's just pick which "white" culture we're going to study, Russian? German?"

No! European in general! Just like we have Black history month (for example). We don't have Nigeria history month or Kenya history month. There may be different cultures spread throughout Europe, but we all have a common bond and can celebrate that.

"Funny-stating that European "clubs" are not allowed at school (?);"

Perhaps they are around there, but they aren't here. And we aren't allowed to have exclusive white clubs at all!

"ever check out Sons of Norway? Scottish Clans? Irish Dance Schools?"

Not around here.

"Funny-stating that a white person could not get a job, simply because of being white"

Actually, there is more to it than that. If there is a white candidat and a black candidat, the black one almost always WILL get the position because of affirmative action. It's the law!

"Blame the wetbacks and blacks because you are a bad interview!"

Actually, I have really good interviews, and will usually get hired unless their are non-white candidats.

"You've got more lacking in job skills than you know."

Actually, I am fairly good at my job. You must speak in general terms instead of trying to pick at one individual.

Posted in republican on 2004-10-13 17:08:45

This is an absolutely bigotted poll. I would slow down your negative opinions on republicans until you can become a bit more mature yourself!