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Posted in Who is going to win the NBA championship? on 2003-03-24 04:47:07

why would the rockets be on there? Just because they have yao doesnt make them to the level of nba champs. Yao doesn't deserve rookie of the year, amare stoudamire could kick his trash anytime.

Posted in Fun Religion Questions on 2003-03-24 04:19:58

I disagree because some people follow moral codes but i do agree with you that we should read all holy books and be open to others beliefs.

========== In Reply To ========== religion should not be an excuse to wear blinders. open your eyes and see what is real, not what someone says is real. read all the holy books even the book of mormons and you will learn all the main religions have the same moral codes. of course no one follows them.

Posted in Mormonism: What do you think? on 2003-03-21 07:31:21

Hey, im just curious of what religion you are? You seem to know a lot about religion and the mormon church. Also, the church that you belong to, what separates it from all the other churches?

Posted in Are Mormons Christian? on 2003-01-21 04:17:30

You guys could argue all day in these small points that you make. What difference will it make? It doesn't prove anything. Dont get caught up in these small points of doctrine and stick to the basic teachings of Christ that can help us live better lives and be better people.

Posted in Are Mormons Christian? on 2002-11-29 23:57:53

The only way to determine whether a church is true is through the spirit. If you sit and pick apart any religion, you will find something that doesn't make sense. In a court of law, no religion could be proven to be true. You have to feel it for yourself.