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Posted in Kids and Smoking on 2017-10-03 03:57:52

Both my parents smoke 40 - 60 a day and me and bro both have smoked the same amount for "" over 20 years from 15 ish. Smoke as much when pregnant and nearly every photo of them they are smoking. Even if they were holding me or bro when babies. They always said that they knew we would smoke and dad was fine after found out that smoke, mum said too young but still let us smoke.

As kids before we smoking too they say about how much they love it and when you are smoking will see why we smoke 40 a day or more. On holidays would smoke 80 ish each daily and the first holiday when we smoking gave us 40 a day when I was 11 and bro 12, said if need more just say. Must be hard to not want to light up when we do. Think the older one was smoking from, 8 but not with him. I said that me and you start one of uncles at his age and he was addicted and love loved that needed 10 a day and 20 when he was 9..

He said that loved the kids at school jealous that smoker and loved that notice his smokers breath. Mum said that mine always smells so manly and of smoke that tastes great when kiss and smell of ciggies as I speak to her makes her want to smoke.

Tastes better than anything when smoke pumping out as speaking and look cool. You will love it too a when you are smoking

Posted in Quit Smoking Survey - Smokers and Non-Smokers on 2017-10-03 01:56:25

You smoke still,? I do and all my family are heavy smokers. I don't want to get sick from smoking but don't mind that I will die younger.

I love being a smoker, family all smokers and having a heavy smoker as partner. We have never not started or end the day when in bed together smoking ciggies. When first together I changed to his brand, benson and hedges gold 100s and glad that I did. Said that would like me to smoke as much as he does and if together that when 1 of us lit a ciggy then other would too. I was soon 40-60 each day and 60 plus weekends.

I love how much we smoke, being with another smoker that loves it as much as I do and with a family like me family, everyone smokes and inside too is amazing. People know us as chain smoking couple, on holidays always proudly smoke in all the photos., 80 a day or more. Have got thru a, 200 pack of bensons gold 100s in a day between us. If I had any kids I would hate if didn't become smokers. But they would grow up around everyone smoking. I love the taste of smoke as speaking as pumping out naturally. Would want to do that all the time talking to kid. Looks so cool and when partner does it too love the smell of smoke that been thru his lungs, different to the fag smoking myself. Dad did loads when younger and always smoked as reading bedtime story, look so good made me want to do too. And said that taste best doing that. See on his face that love smoking and I want to be same, smoke loads so I can have the feeling of doing something that love doing all the time

Posted in Smoking: Are people going too far? on 2017-10-03 00:44:53

I always wanted to smoke and when I started loved it so much. I love being a smoker, always will smoke and have never dated a non smoker. I love when people notice smell of smoke on me, my clothes and breath. All family smokers and will smoke any where and when have kids around and none of them quit smoking as pregnant. Mum said that she would crave more when pregnant with me and bro. Said it helped her, we both born OK.

I am with a man who is heavy smoker and proud of it too. Loves smoking as much as me and his family are all heavy smokers, all inside there homes and if kids want to smoke they can at home if they know that it's so addictive and bad for health. Most in our families smoke from 10 or 11, "oldest one was, 12 when she started and youngest was my cousin at 8 just after my brother and I started, daily smokers.

All have had odd drags from parents, aunts, uncles cousins etc before, 4 - 6 when most first ask. Usually when on holiday, seeing everyone changing all the time. I did as kid, wanted to see what it tasted like as must be good as dad and my uncle had been smoking nearly whole time since there.

I have always told anyone that asked me about smoking the truth, that I love it and why I do and how good it is. It's better when everyone is smoking, all enjoying the pleasure at the same time, see it on their face and looks so much better when you are smoking. Plus great smell on people

Posted in Lung Cancer on 2017-10-02 23:02:26

I am sorry that your friend died from cancer and that it was a very agonising death. I am a heavy smoker and all my family are heavy smokers too. I hope that I do not get cancer but will always smoke as I love being a smoker and enjoy smoking so much. I don't mind that I would probably die a bit earlier but I think that it is worth it for the pleasure I get from smoking. Smoking often runs in the family and as a kid growing up seeing family smoke I could see how enjoyable it was I always liked the smell and look of it. I always wanted to smoke and never regret starting, it's enjoyable and that is why become addicted.

I am in bed smoking now next to my partner and he is a heavy smoker too and just asked what about if your parents or brother got cancer and died from smoking. He said that he would still carry on smoking just as much, even if it was me, he would still be smoking in bed next to me and if it was him he would not quit and want me to still smoke. It's a risk you take but part of who we are, smokers and always will be. If I quit would not stay with me. A couple should always both smoke together and light up if the other does. Looks so sexy and hate if didn't taste of fags and not smell of ciggies, proper man smell. I couldn't quit smoking and never want to. Great being with a proper heavy smoker and proud of it.

Posted in Would you hire a babysitter who smokes? on 2017-10-01 22:58:07

Me and my brother would get usually get baby Sat by older cousins and they all smoked, everyone in our family smokes and all that I know were smoking about time stated high school, 20 a day by the time 12. Most of the time they would arrive with a ciggy on the go and dad was be talking to them Sat on the sofa chaining ciggies and giving them one and lighting them after his as he was dragging with his cheeks sucked in loads. He would always have 40 ciggies on the coffee table and say that there's some ciggies for you so have enough to smoke while here and that it's a heavy smokers home so there are ashtrays in every room, even the lads bedroom although they aren't smoking yet. They are happy for you to smoke in room, I always smoke as reading bedtime story to them, used to their dad smoke pumping out at them when reading out loud. Know how much I enjoy it and need to keep getting the nicotine all the time.

Me and bro would look after younger cousins too as teenagers and would chain smoke the whole time, as always get 20 off dad to take and uncles usually give us 40, at least 20. Say that when older they will see why everyone loves smoking and want to be smoking as much too. It tastes so good when speak as it pumps out. Looks cool and why we all do it. You are lucky to have a family who all smoke and that you will be smoking when you start high school and will smoke for rest of life, every day as soon as you wake up. It's the best way to start the day, so good to be smoker.