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Posted in Did you ever smoke with your Dad? (boys/men only) on 2017-10-01 19:28:39

I had my first ever drag from one of dad's ciggies that was not fully put out in the ashtray in my bedroom one night after he tucked me and my brother in bed. I would have the odd drag when I could, if a smoker left one in the ashtray and a few times I would take a drag of dad's when sitting on sofa watching TV with him and was holding it in his hand up near me. He said hey that's mine. Nothing else. He would often get me or brother to wait outside of shops and hold his cigarette when inside. I was 9 when he walked out while I was dragging his cigarette.

He opened pack and gave me one, said that tastes better from the start, light up his, and then mine and said don't let mum find out.

Was not smoking daily until I was 10. And soon became addictive and smoke 20 a day by aged 11. Before mum knew he let me and bro smoke around the house. After she find out she was not pleased but she had always expected us to become smokers, all the family smoke and seeing everyone else smoke and how much they enjoyed it will always make kids want to start. But only after I started high school at 11 I was allowed to smoke freely in public with parents. All of us would spark up as one did. I loved smoking with my parents and bro, at high school we had a ciggy each hour, he loved the smell of smoke on him and people knowing that smokes.

He is married to a 40 a day smoker and proud of it. She smoked as much as normal whole pregnancy and he said that he never expected her to quit, they are both smokers, always will be. His 2 lads grew up in a smokers home and like me always had clothes that smell of smoke. They are 11 and 12 now and smoke too. Brother give them a pack a day, smoke freely in public and said that they always wanted to smoke as me and bro obviously loved it, liked the manly smell of ciggies on clothes and breath plus looks good.

Runs in some families. My partner is a heavy smoker and his whole family smoke too. Seeing smokers enjoy smoking will always influence their children to smoke. If I had any, I would hope that they would become smokers too and if asked will let them smoke as long as they understand the health and addiction of smoking.

I told my nephew when he asked me why I smoke if it is bad for my health that I hope to not get ill but don't mind if I die a bit younger as worth it. It's great to be a proper heavy smoker, it feels good, love the taste, looks great and like the smell. Make you taste better to kiss, my fella said that loves how I always taste of my fags and I have always tasted it on him. When speaking can always smell smoke on his breath, proper man smell. Nephew said that normally I have smoke pumping out as talking and if not smell smoke from breath all the time. It not bad breath, just smokey.