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Posted in What are you allowed to do? on 2023-06-06 23:18:33

Decent plan mate, at least your guaranteed getting some that night. Sounds like he needs to man up. See how far you can push things at breakfast, see if she'll wank you off while he's there. Just sit down like normal and start eating and let her sit next to you, then she starts wanking you off. Surely to $%!@ he'll say something then.

Three's pretty $%!@ing tragic, basically a virgin. I was at three within a couple of weeks of my first time. Well into three figures now.

Posted in Sexually Active Kids on 2023-06-06 21:27:18

I was 14, the girl i was $%!@ing was 16, her sister was 17 and their mum would have been in her late 30s. Best bit was watching the two sisters finger each other while I spunked up their mums arse. We've only done it a couple of other times. Me and the 16 year old were $%!@ing on the couch in the living room when the rest were supposed to be out, but they came home early and decided to join in. Third time we were $%!@ed all together. I've $%!@ed them all a few times, but separately on their own.

Posted in Teen Pregnancy on 2023-05-31 21:47:25

$%!@ all that dna $%!@ mate, it's not your $%!@ing responsibility. If she doesn't want to get pregnant she needs to take some responsibility about what happens to her. As far as i'm concerned she can keep it, get rid of it, put it up for adoption, i don't give a $%!@. It's not my $%!@ing problem, it's got $%!@ all to do with me.

Posted in What are you allowed to do? on 2023-05-31 21:39:05

@zach, funny as $%!@ mate. Decent chance you'll $%!@ her before he does after they're married. No offence, but your dads a $%!@ing loser and a waste of space. Just make sure you're not going to end up like him, make sure you're $%!@ing who you want and doing what you want when you want. Don't take $%!@ off anyone, and don't follow rules for the $%!@ing sake of it. Make your own decisions about what you want to do.

Posted in Sexually Active Kids on 2023-05-31 21:25:36

Yeah mate, a few times, was $%!@ing great. First time was i'd $%!@ed one of the daughters some afternoon at hers. She was having a shower after and i was having a smoke in the kitchen when the other daughter and the mum came home and found me in my boxers. Didn't take that much for the four of us to be $%!@ing. Was definitely more interested in the mum though. Totally older women are better, they've got the $%!@, the $%!@, the $%!@ and the $%!@ and they know what to do to my $%!@. I don't get $%!@ing younger women at all, no fun in that. Give me women that can handle my $%!@ any day with an arse and a $%!@ that I can properly deep $%!@. Can totally understand why you were focused on the mum, did they let you $%!@ them again? Don't want to cut off access to some hole.