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Posted in Being naked in front of brother/sister on 2023-03-12 01:03:36

I'm 17, and I still hang out naked with my dad and my brother, who's a year older.

Posted in The Great School Shoe Debate on 2023-03-12 00:49:10

My school doesn't have a requirement on footwear, except for PE, so I like to come to school barefoot.

Posted in Streaking on 2023-03-12 00:47:16

I'd like to start a tradition like that at my school

Posted in Casual Family Nudity on 2023-03-11 20:30:05

@aaron69, living in a naturist community must be fun. My town has a beach that's unofficially reserved for nudists, but most of the time you have to wear clothes in public.

Posted in nudity for teenage boys on 2023-03-11 20:19:38

I'll hang out around the house naked with my Dad and older brother. My mom's seen me naked a few times, but she prefers for me to wear clothes when I'm at her place.