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Posted in Female Celebrity Madness!!! on 2003-01-06 19:37:20

Well, some of my favorites were eliminated the first round, but what can you do?

Cindy Margolis won the wild card. Look for round two as soon as it gets posted.

Thanks for voting.

Posted in Horror oscars on 2002-12-19 23:52:21

See above.

Posted in Female Celebrity Madness!!! on 2002-12-17 18:27:36

Wow, some of these are blowouts, and some are neck and neck. I'll be curious to see how some of these turn out. Voting on this poll will close sometime around the New Year. You never know when I'll decide to start round two, so get your votes in now. And please, don't vote more than a time or two--all these girls deserve a fair chance.

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