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Posted in Sleeping Au Natural on 2018-12-23 02:56:30

I am 19, and I'm always naked at my house since toddler, I always sleep naked with my three sisters that also are naked, one of them is 13 and the other 9 has and one is older, she is 27.

And we also share the bed with my young brother, he is 10, he is also naked, but we are very healthy about or bodies and nothing sexual happens, though we sometimes $%!@e, we only do that.

I also go to my garden naked to sunbathe, we aren't a nudist family, but we love being nude.

Posted in Naked Sleeping on 2018-12-23 02:37:46

I always sleep naked since toddler and I share bed with my sisters and sometimes my brother joins us, though nothing no sex happens.

We don't cover ourselves. We even are very sticked up to have space

Posted in Locker Room (Girls only) on 2018-12-21 15:42:07

When I went to swimming classes when I was 12, they weren't co-ed locker rooms, and we had a door, but the showers and the bathrooms (inside of girls locker rooms) were open, no stalls or doors. And every girl showers and walks around naked, even when they go to the bathroom.

I am very open with my body, and more with other girls, I don't care if they see me naked!

The other girls were from 10 to 13 years old.

And when I showered, I didn't cover myself or wear anything, I did it completely nude, and I also went to the bathroom nude, I don't care if a girl saw me or anything!

Posted in What do you do in the nude? on 2018-12-20 04:16:56

I am a girl that is 19 years old, and wearing clothes for me is stupid, and when it's cold I just use a sweater and my bottoms are nude, I don't live in USA.

I am always nude

Posted in getting caught Masturbating on 2018-12-19 21:40:51

(I am a girl)

One day, when I was 9 (10 years ago), I was in my bedroom watching cartoons in the TV normally in my bed I was alone with my mom, and I randomly put my hand on my crotch (with clothes on) and I was moving my hand a little, and I liked it and I kept doing it like for 2 minutes when I decided to take off my pants and do it in my panties, it felt better and I decided to do it nude and I loved it, I did it like for 10 minutes until my mom came in to tell me dinner was ready, and as I had door open she just came in and she saw me naked from waist down $%!@ing, and I fastly covered myself with the sheets, but she already saw me and she knew what I was doing and I was wih a surprised face.

And when she asked me if I was $%!@ing I asked i didn't know what was that, and she told me it was what I was doing, and I told her then yes, I was $%!@ing, and she told me its okay, and told me it's normal and healthy and she encourages it, and she told me that when there aren't visits, only best friends and family, I can do it openly when I want, and I then uncovered myself and kept doing it. And as we were only my mom and I in the house she went to turn off the stove and joined me for 5 mintues only, becasue then food would get cold. (didn't go lesbian).