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Posted in Are men useless on 2004-09-26 22:47:12

Why is it so difficult for males to accept this simple fact? We ARE useless! Completely, totally, and absolutely.

Every decision we make, and every action we take, is dictated to us by our $%!@.

We are so incredibly inferior to females, I lack the words to describe our abject worthlessness.

If society was wise and prudent, we would all be quickly exterminated, and with no more thought or remorse than one might give to stepping on a $%!@roach.

Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2003-01-17 01:56:22

Excellent poll Tammy, and good discussion! It's obvious that all of the women here understand exactly how to deal with a sex offender.

So far as I'm concerned, this issue is the ultimate no-brainer of all time. Any man who rapes a woman or commits any other form of sexual assault absolutely MUST have his $%!@ and testicles cut off. It's unfortunate we have no scientific method to reliably identify men who are likely to commit sexual assaults: if we did, they could be unilaterally castrated in advance to prevent them from victimizing innocent women and children.

Personally, I hold the very strong belief that men should be automatically castrated for the commission of ANY crime. Total physical castration: mandatory, first offense, no appeal. I'm sick and tired of the crime and violence that's so pervasive in our contemporary society, and almost all of it is caused or committed by men. Let's just see how anxious a man will be to go out and commit a crime once the penalty is instant loss of his precious $%!@ and balls.

Drastic? Absolutely. Harsh? You'd better believe it is: harsh times call for harsh measures, and times are definitely harsh these days. It never would have reached this point if men had simply proven capable of behaving in an appropriate, decent, civilized fashion. But since so many of us have failed in this regard -- and failed spectacularly -- it's time that we start losing our $%!@ and balls for even the slightest transgression. Believe me, the one certain way to make a man behave himself is to take control of his $%!@ and testicles. If we don't behave, castrate us.


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