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Posted in School swimwear on 2021-03-06 09:37:18

As I've said elsewhere, I grew up in a relatively poor area of Stockport Cheshire in the 1980s and in those days nobody cared what you wore for swimming as long as you turned up! Somehow, the boys always managed to get in the pool before the girls and we used to watch the entrance to the girls'changing room to see who came out in a swim suit, bikini, or how many girls came out in just their knickers or bikini bottoms with their bare boobs on show! Thanks to swimming lessons we found out what a lot of our female classmates looked like topless - fun times. (Very occasionally a girl might even come out wearing a bra but no knickers and we'd get to see her pubes!)

Posted in PE Kit on 2021-01-21 07:25:15

I also went to school in the eighties Joan in a poor area of Stockport and boys wore underpants and girls just their knickers up to year nine when some girls kept their bras on. I also remember some girls with t-shirts but no knickers.

Posted in Pe uniform detention on 2020-10-22 01:57:15

That must have been very embarrassing! I guess the thing about the punishment is that it would catch some by surprise, making it more effective for the culprits but not the innocent. There was one poor girl in our class, Yuen, whose parents wouldn't buy her a bra and she always ended up topless in PE detentions. By year nine she'd got fair sized boobs and for most of the boys all PE detention became was a way of seeing what a girl looked like with her top off, unfair on poor Yuen who never even misbehaved!

Posted in School swimwear on 2020-04-08 08:40:04

Well over thirty years ago when I was in school, I also recall some girls topless in swimming lessons. It was a different time with less hang ups and very little political correctness.

Some girls had a one piece swimsuit, some wore bikinis, but many just wore bikini bottoms or knickers. Seeing a girl's boobs in those days was reasonably commonplace and they didn't seem bothered by it.

Posted in School changing rooms on 2020-04-08 07:56:55

Because we did pe in underwear in school, we used to see girls called Hanna and Yuen with their clothes off at least twice a week, Hanna in her bra and knickers, and Yuen in just her knickers (she didn't wear a bra).

We used to hang out with them outside school and during the summer holidays at the end of year ten (9th grade) if we were hanging out at one of our houses, we'd ask Hanna and Yuen to strip down to their knickers for us, after all, we'd seen them in PE anyway!

Yuen would take all her clothes off apart from her knickers and would show us her boobs. Hanna would normally keep her bra on, but sometimes she wouldn't have one on and would also strip down to just her knickers. One hot day in August, we got them both to take their knickers off and they were naked with us for a few hours!