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Posted in When is too old to still have a babysitter? on 2023-02-15 17:48:24

Hello Dani

Your Mum obviously regards your sister as more mature an grown up than you and I think it is so nice that you accept that and do not complain about it all the time.. There is really nothing wrong with holding on to the safety and security of your childhood a bit longer if you want. i guess your bedtime is a nice and important part of the day for you! Does your Mummy decide your bedtime for you or can you choose?

Does your sister help you at bedtime? Do you have a babysitter if your Mummy goes out?

Wayne (who posts on here) would be so much happier if he were like you Dani

Posted in The Abortion Debate on 2023-02-05 12:32:58

yes, it would be my decision, acting on what I believe is Christian principles. I would hope that Karolina would accept it

Posted in When is too old to still have a babysitter? on 2023-02-05 12:29:30

Hello Martha, I hope youre well. Just to let you know that I took your advice about Karolina. She knows now - from experience - that her babysitter can put her over her knee is she is rebellious

Posted in When is too old to still have a babysitter? on 2023-02-05 11:35:29

Yes Wayne, I think it is absolutely fair. I think your Mum dressing a little bit younger is a wonderful way of helping you to accept that Miss Sarah, even though she is younger than you, is effectively the adult in the house who you have to obey and respect.

Your Mummy has obviously found you a lovely babysitter and you have to be thankful and respectful. Im sure she makes you feel very safe and loved at bedtime

But honestly sweetie, I'm sure you look VERY smart in your short trousers too and I'm sure Miss Sarah really appreciated the effort you are making to dress nicely for her.

Posted in When is too old to still have a babysitter? on 2023-01-11 11:19:28

Hello Martha

I'm glad your problems with CJ seem to be vanishing!

And thank you for your advise about my daughters, Im so glad I'm not the only person with kids where age and maturity are sort of reversed.

Im still committed to a babysitter for both of them, especially for Karolina.

But from Saturday Julia will stay up later - to the same bedtime as Karolina so she will be happy about that. In return, Julia will get a little responsibility - it will be her job to prepare their hot water bottles and put them in their bed. - and to lay their nightdresses ready on the bed along with their little bedsocks.

They are going to stay sleeping in the same bed though. For one thing I think it is nice, for the other it really helps Karolina. If she wakes up frightened during the night after a bad dream she wont be on her own - Julia will be there for her.