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Posted in Masturbation on 2007-03-22 03:27:01

I hope you are over 18 or it would be child porn. Please forward any request you get to the FBI.


Posted in Guys who go to the tanning salon. GIRLS ONLY on 2007-03-22 03:23:33

I work nights so I do not get much sun. I was very pale before I started tanning and now have a nice color to my skin. There are many things that would make a guy appear gay and tanning is not one of them. Especially if he has pale skin which can make a guy look sickly.

Posted in (guys only) flip flops on 2006-08-31 05:34:16

They are wearing no show socks more of likley.

Posted in Flip Flops - stylish or slackly? on 2006-08-31 05:22:00

Flip flops are bad for your feet. Look it up on google or another seach engine if you do not beleive me.

Posted in guys with flip flops , are they hot on 2006-08-31 05:19:41

"I'd say 90% of guys today don't wear socks in the summer wear I live - at least not on weekends"

I do not know where you live, but I would say most of those guys are wearing no show socks which are very popular right now. So it appears that they are not wearing socks. Shoes without socks is bad for your shoes and feet. Would you wear the same socks for weeks at a time? You know when you do not wear socks the sweat, dirt and oils of your feet go into the shoe. Over time bacteria and fungus will grow in your shoe causing them to stink. The bacteria can also eat away at the she itself. Unless you wash your shoes regulary do not wear them without socks.